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I am a transport design student. I have been using photoshop for the past 3 years. I think i have a few suggestions. Cause i am sure that most of the other designers have even thought of these like I did.....
1. I think you can include a an UNDO button, instead of going in the edit menu and doing it. ( i know there are hot keys for that as well, but a button would also be great when we are working with a wacom tablet. )
2. the top strip and the second top strip always have a lot of vacant space. what you guys could do is provide options wherein we can customise and put our own frequent used buttons. like our own custom made button tabs or button menu.
3. we have a lot of blur tools and then we have a feather radius tool. what would really help is a simple BLUR EDGE TOOL which can work on a layer without the hassles of selecting the area adjusting things etc.... . This would help us to blur the edges of a stroke or a part of the image where you can set the radius. so we can use it on a layer or a part of the layer, image etc.....What we do now for this is take an soft easer and then go around and on the edges of the object to get it as a blurred or feathered edge.....
4. Why cant we have an option where in we can combine and split path layers, like we can do with the normal layers....( i know we can do it with CTRL-C etc, but why not have it in options or buttons.
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We prefer that you post one suggestion per topic - so people can discuss and vote on them separately.

2) Top strip and second strip? Are you talking about the (former) app bar and tool options bar? The app bar is gone in CS6. The tool options are full for several languages on the minimal screen size.

3) that needs a lot more definition, and probably it's own topic.

4) Also needs more explanation.
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Hi Chris,

Thanks for your prompt response.

So should I start four new topics ?

Let me know.

Thanks ........
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Item 3 definitely needs a new topic.

1) Not likely
2) Still needs clarification on what you were referring to (we really don't have free space -- because we have to deal with font sizing and multiple languages)
4) still not sure what you meant
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First of all I would like to say that these are just suggestions and my opinion which I felt could save a lot of time for professionals.........

I am into car design and we use photoshop as a sketching and drawing tool like Corel painter or autodesk sketchbook.

So, Like you said, I will put item 3 under a new topic.

now about the others.......

1. UNDO button is not possible - fair enough .....

I have attached an image for this one below.
I agree with what you are saying - I do not have customer data like you may have but I am looking at this with simple logic.
a. I use a 16 inch screen on my laptop and i am sure that any professional would be using a 15.4 inch or bigger screen to do their work as well. So we have space.
b. Agreed that you are working with other languages but If I am not wrong more than 50 percent of your customers would be using the english version.
c. Above all this - this would be a custom option which the user would activate if he or she would have the space and other favourable factors like you said, which the y most likely will have. Most probably all the professionals would certainly use this feature, if added.
I have uploaded an image for this, in which i have put detailed explanation as well.

you know the kind of stuff we do with layers - like merge layers- we select 2 layers, CTRL+E, and we combine them. Or we select a part of the layer with the selection tool, right click and new LAYER VIA CUT. we also select multiple layers with CTRL or SHIFT and then we are able to resize the content of mutiple layers all together .....
All this cannot be done with paths, It would be really great if we could do all this with the paths as well.
Eg: I have created a Path 1 and then I have created path 2 . After some time i wish to resize them, keeping them in proportion or ratio ( this could be done If I am able to select both the paths at the same time.
I cannot merge path 1 and 2 driectly..........( for doing this I have to go to path 2, select the path, copy the path with CTRL+C, go back to path 1 and then paste it over there CTRL+V. After which I have a merged path of path 1 and 2. Would be great if all this could be done directly like we do with layers.

I have tried to explain these.....Let me know if can explain more elaborately.


P.S : I really like photoshop, I think its an awesome product. You guys have done an amazing job..........

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Hello, for your custom tool bar, look into Configurator:

For the free space you indicate, is your screenshot in the minimal size for Photoshop, with large UI fonts, in the most "verbose" language? The space available would be way smaller in that case. I know we had the application bar there before, but the technology has been retired.