Lightroom: Ability to remove non-user content (tutorials) from Home screen

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More than 90% of the screen on the Home tab displays other peoples' content. Why isn't it dedicated to my content I can show to clients when it starts up? Does Adobe want my clients to think I need training and tutorials for my work?
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  • condescension from Adobe

Posted 9 months ago

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I found I could get rid of this quickly by creating a folder of images (my own), and then opening all of them at once. I don't like the initial screen, but once you open your own "portfolio" of images, it does go away. You can also do this sort of thing before you're showing your clients anything in case you want them to see some things but not others. It's the only way I've found to manage this.

Personally, I don't think they'll have gotten the Home Screen right until I can manage the files on it by pinning some files to it, deleting others—according to MY needs. It's a nice idea that hasn't matured yet.
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Hi Cristen, please explain in details what you are doing to remove / hide this tutorials?
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Oh, I just keep a folder of around 15 JPEG files that I can add. When my Prefs get reset and I've got all their interface instead of Recents, I simply select all the files (Finder or Bridge), open them in PS, then close them. Now they fill the home screen.

If we could control our Recents list better, pinning what we don't want to scroll and selecting to remove what is essentially clutter, we'd have a much better experience, but this at least has put images I enjoy seeing in my Home Screen right away. Then the usual scrolling with my work-related files starts to take place.

Oh, it's probably also significant that my Recent File list is set to 30 in File Handling Preferences. I can't remember what the default is, but you do have to add enough to fill your initial view with just their menu items at the top. For me, 10 images actually is as much as I can see on my 15" retina, and I add a few more than that. A bigger monitor I suppose needs more files to fill that space, but I get no warning if I set Recent files to hold 50 files, so you can probably play with it to see how many you need to add.
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Really hate to have teach and explore on the home screen. I do not want that to appear at all. I want to see my shots. Not any else’s. Remove these features please.
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I don't mind having a homescreen with some "smart filters" like recet imports, edits, ... but I really don't give a ... about tutorials and inspiration. I'd like an option to turn this off.