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I see lots of threads going back many years with complaints/suggestions regarding stacks so I'm not entirely sure that another is needed; but I'd like to add a few things that I haven't seen anyone else mention.

First, it looks like an overhaul of stacks is long overdue - some things mentioned six years ago appear to still be valid complaints.  So PLEASE, PLEASE, get cracking on this!

That said, here's how I would like to be able to use stacks.

1) Allow images to be members of multiple stacks.  I create several different "flavors" of stacks - Focus stacks, HDR stacks, Panorama stacks, Time Sequence stacks, etc. - along with conventional "Alternate takes" stacks.  It's not uncommon to want an image to belone to several overlapping or nested stacks - for example a Panorama stack might contain multiple HDR stacks.  Allowing hierarchical stacks would solve many problems - and I can see where overlapping stacks can lead to problems (e.g. where you want to apply an adjustment to all members of one stack but not to another stack in which some images also belong).

2) Provide "Stack tags" - i.e. keywords specific to stacks, such as "HDR", "Focus", etc. - that are properties of the stack rather than of the images within the stack.  Unlike conventional keywords I'd prefer that these not be exportable by default.

3) Allow filtering based on stacking and stack tags; for example to select only the stacks in a folder, or only HDR stacks in a folder, or only photos that are not in a stack.

4) As others have mentioned, stacking shouldn't depend on having all members reside in one folder.  And there should be a simple way - maybe an on/off toggle switch - to apply keywords, Quick Develop settings, etc. to all of the members of a closed stack without having to open and select them every time.

Right now I'm using non-exportable keywords to accomplish some of these things, but it gets pretty tedious with the current user interface.
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Posted 3 years ago

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Another thing you can't do with Stacks is move a stack to a different folder by drag and dropping it. You get only the first image! You have to open the Stack, select all the members, then drag and drop! WTF? Like Kurt, I like to move my Panos or HDR originals around for better classification.