Lightroom: Mobile Color Space serious exporting issues!

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Hey Team!

This issue is Ultra frustrating and I can't believe I'm spending my entire day figuring this out, I would appreciate it if you could take the time to read this post and discuss this issue

Your software LR CC has some serious color space issues depending on which device you export from, The way the color reacts to social media is different, the image color and gamma is different it's a total mess guys and gals...

Ideally, I would share my edits straight from LR CC to my friends or clients using the Share Function and online gallery however

The images and respectively.. the color to be exact do not correctly/accurately translate into social media services such as Instagram or export correctly full stop from LR it'self at all depending on the device you export from... LR CC has no redundancy between apps and devices what so ever!

I wanna say now that I love LR CC and LR classic and the way CC works between devices with presets is  incredible, I love taking pictures editing on my lightweight Ipad then fishing them off on my phone... but this issue is beyond stupid

-What's the main issue TLDR-

  1. Lightroom CC Exports sRGB, or RAW files color space and gamma visually wrong straight out of LR CC depending on the device you use (Desktop or mobile)
  2. Lightroom CC Exports sRGB, or RAW files color space and gamma correctly visually but in the wrong format so once imported into Instagram (Example) the colors will transform incorrectly cause the format must be wrong

Here is a list of images exported from my devices

--Instagram / Social media format problems--

Below is an "sRGB jpeg" image exported through Lightroom CC (Desktop) and imported into Instagram.
This is exactly how I edited the image in LR CC/Classic

This is the exact same "sRGB Jpeg" image exported from Lightroom CC (Mobile - Pixel 2 XL) instead and then imported into Instagram... and it is definitely not How I edited the image almost like it's an AdobeRGB Image being transformed

Here is the same comparison of the same images next to each other

Both images were imported into Instagram through the same phone (Pixel 2 XL) as the exact same image (Jpeg sRGB) but the only difference was I exported the image from LRCC from Desktop on one, and mobile on the other

Exported from LR CC Mobile Ipad Pro, this one is tough to see but when you see the change in person it's big, Original image is a .ARW raw image above is as edited once into Instagram you see the colors change (Once again no problem when exporting from desktop CC)

Same as above but with Pixel 2 XL, Colors fade badly! but once again this issue dosnt occur if you export the same way from Desktop LR CC


This issue is LRCC it's self and not Instagram related, Mobile Pixel 2 XL can't export .ARW files correctly at all, left is as seen on Mobile right is after export

Wrong color format once again between devices, see below image to see output colour

Ipad Pro LR CC - Color Representation "Uncalibrated"

Pixel 2 XL LR CC - Color Representation "....."

Desktop LR CC - Color Representation "sRGB"

Before you say this is an Instagram problem, it's not because any image exported from LR Classic or LR CC Desktop as Jpeg sRGB will load perfect 1:1 into Instagram, it's purely the way LR CC Mobile exports Jpeg images from other devices.

LR CC is ultra inconsistent in how it treats color after export depending on the device I seem to use and exports weird formats that don't work well with social services such as Instagram

All I can say is that if you export from Desktop LR CC you will get the best color, the best resolution (DESPITE picking maximum on all devices) and a working image for Instagram with no problem 10/10 times, with Ipad or Mobile phone it's a gamble

I won't go into how a "Maximum resolution export" on mobile isn't even the same size as a "Maximum resolution export" on LR CC Desktop...

Please please look into this because It adds so much headache trying to share photos to Mobile and desktop users when you're already using LR CC it's got sharing functions built-in but the exporting of color is wrong


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