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Updated to Bridge CC 2019 and am missing the options to be able to freely chose a shade for the appearance. Right now the lightest option is a light grey, with slightly darker grey around each image. I work with images that need to have totally white backgrounds, and being able to preview this quickly in Bridge (to see any missed edges) was extremely helpful.
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Posted 2 years ago

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Yeah. Both Illustrator and Bridge were holdouts for using sliders to assign brightness levels to the interface, but each finally was brought into line with the now-standard Adobe UI, which is 4 levels of Brightness. I don't know what to say, but maybe a feature request (Idea) to add White and Black to the Show Transparency Grid section? If the transparency grid is independent of the UI choice, these 2 common backgrounds ought to be able to become independent, too—or maybe they could go so far as to let us set the thumbnail wells to a custom color.

I wouldn't hold my breath on this, though. We still don't see transparency for PSDs, for instance, and with so many performance issues that are still outstanding, my guess is they'll rate this request rather low. But it's better to put it on their list than try to figure out what they'll slot in to our releases when.
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This is a result of changing the interface to match the rest of CC. Don't hold your breath for further changes.

You can't check white backgrounds (255,255,255) accurately in Bridge anyway. I have a Photoshop action that adds a Levels adjustment layer, moves the black slider all the way to the right (253), and duplicates that adjustment layer. If there are ANY non-white pixels, you'll find them immediately.
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Please create a feature request for this change at

Deepak Gupta'
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Uservoice is a bad idea. A customer already created a thread HERE reporting a problem and you want them to go to another site and create a new post saying the same thing? That's ridiculous.

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The solution would be to block Bridge section here. Not remove as I guess they may cancel User Voice for Bridge again like once they did, so we can continue here. I do not know which palce is better but surely one of them!

If UserVoice is going to change anything that was not possible for Br team on Ps Family, that bugs were not removed while request not taken seriously, plus some new not needed stuff implemented or else other functioning correctly changed for worse, then yes let's go to that site, but to be honest I do not believe for now that will help much. Till now that was like we had not any site concerning user problems when I see how weak influence we had, especially without Bridge side dedication!
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Dear Users,

We are aware of this requirement and will be fixing this in subsequent release of Adobe Bridge
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please bring back the options for "User Interface Brightness" and "Image Backdrop" both able to be set to white.
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This request has been addressed.

With the latest version of Bridge, you will be able to "Hide Tiles" and control the background color of the thumbnails from pure white to pure black. 

Although the Bridge v10.0 is not yet released, you can download the latest Bridge version from our prerelease website: Select Adobe Bridge. Download v10.0 Drop 4 (or latest) from there.

In this version, at the bottom of the Content panel, you will see a check box to hide the tiles. After you hide the tiles, you can go to Edit menu->preferences->interface and use the "Image backdrop" slider to change it to pure white (or pure black or anything in between). 

This works with transparent thumbnails as well (as a backdrop to the transparent areas)


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Thank you Teja.
The "Hide Tiles" is the same effect in "Adobe Bridge CC 2018" while dialing the "Image Backdrop" to white, and no item is selected in the Content panel. Which is needed (no patch behind the thumb nail - Transparent thumbnails).
But since the "User Interface Brightness" option is not present in the v10, when in the "Essentials" display mode, only has "Content" and "Preview" panels in white. "Publish","Metadate" and "Keywords" on right side, and the whole left and top bar menu are stay dark grey. Unlike CC2018, the whole window can be lighten up.  Which is preferred, but not a big issue to me.