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Hi, I'm not sure if I'm overlooking things or just haven't figured out how yet, but I don't seem to be able to do a lot of things that used to be possible in Lightroom Classic.
- Tagging people: adding keywords tags is easy, but how do you select a region of a photo to tag as a person?
- Changing capture time - a lot of my photos are scans of old family photos, and I need to be able to change the capture time to reflect the actual time of the photo.  It doesn't appear to be editable in the Info view
- slideshow: I just want to start a slideshow of the current album

That's what I've found in the first few minutes.  I'm sure I'll find more things missing as I use it more.  Are these likely to appear in future versions?

And finally, the naming is infuriating. I'm trying to find info about the new Lightroom, but of course Google searching for "Lightroom CC" brings up results about the classic version.  If they'd come up with a new name for the new product, e.g. Lightroom Cloud, it would be so much easier to search for answers to questions like these.
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Posted 2 years ago

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Thanks for your input, Randy! Lightroom CC is, of course, a 1.0 release so is still a work in progress. We want your help in creating this new tool and are excited to hear what you think. There are already a bunch of new features in the works so keep your eyes peeled!

That being said, it may be that Lightroom Classic is the better workflow for a lot of folks and that's good too. Classic will continue to evolve and improve as well. Which tool is right for you will depend on the type and quantity of your workflow. 

Here's a link to a great blog post by Victoria Bampton, The Lightroom Queen, that may make it easier to decide:
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Thanks, that's a helpful blog post.  She's also got a much more complete list of missing features:  From her flowchart on the top of that page, I bought the right plan for what I want to do: the photography plan with Lightroom Classic (for the features) and Lightroom CC (with 1TB cloud storage - for access to all my photos from everywhere).  Now, I just need to figure out how to make them work together.
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I don't understand what Adobe did and why and it is making me angry, quite frankly.

Let's start by stating a basic premise that there is absolutely no reason why Lightroom on the iPad is not powerful enough on the iPad Pro for bulk processing, smart collections, and for presets. My ideal workflow would completely eliminate the desktop but, alas, we are not there yet and it has nothing to do with the hardware.

1. I don't understand why I can't import my Lightroom Classic Presets into Lightroom CC on the desktop
2. I don't understand why I can't use those presets on the iPad and on the iPhone.
3. No reason why the desktop version can't bulk-apply presets, and no reason why iPad version can't do that either.
4. Why can't I create presets on the iPad and have them sync?
5. Why keywords don't sync between CC and Lightroom Classic? That is the most absurd excuse. There is no technical reason.
6. Why can't Sensei apply keywords to photos in the cloud, i.e. like Flickr? Why can't the sensei sync to Lightroom Classic CC ?

It is not so much that I want to use Lightroom Classic, I am happy to migrate to the new UI and get used to it. My issue is that so many features are missing and everything is so, for the lack of a better word, half-baked, that I might as well use Apple Photos for everything since most of the features that aren't available in Lightroom CC aren't available in Photos either... But the nice thing about Apple Photos is that it is much more integrated with the Apple workflows.

Which really brings me to my next point. For mobile-first workflow, one first has to import photos into iOS Photos app and then import them into Lightroom. So, what's the point then? Here is what's gonna happen -- either Apple adds some of the more advanced features to Photos, or Adobe gets their act together, and it has to happen soon.
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see my previous post.

I think it's important to understand that Lightroom CC is not a replacement for or an upgrade of Lightroom Classic CC. It is a totally new, stand alone product designed around a cloud-based, mobile workflow. It won't fit everyone's needs nor should it. Sticking with the new Lightroom Classic CC for now might be the best option and just experiment a little with Lightroom CC. 

By all means keep posting your thoughts and suggestions in individual posts as feature requests so you can have a hand in designing a better product. 

Thanks again for taking the time to let us know what's on your mind.

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If it's not a replacement then why has Adobe said there is no future path for classic already?

This is a clear cut case of Adobe trying to figure out how they can rape photographers to pay ransom for their own photos. It's not enough to get an annual subscription subscription fee they want us to pay annually to store our photos so we can have full resolution access on all of our devices. I'm not sure why since my phone and tablet won't even come close to that resolution.

Just another reason to look at another product.
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They didn't say that. They said they're continuing to develop and improve Lightroom Classic. It's just the perpetual "buy it once" licensing that's gone away.
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As Rick stated, Lightroom CC is 1.0 product. We have missing features in the pipeline for future updates, and brand new stuff on the way. Please please vote for features that have already been submitted, or add a separate topic for each feature you'd like to see included in future updates.

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