PHOTOSHOP CC: Mini Bridge Folder Failure

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I use mini bridge a lot in Photoshop and with CC it's very frustrating. 1st, I need to be able to see the subfolders AND the files without clicking back and forth. Basically like CS5 mini bridge. I don't understand why anyone wouldn't want to see the folders with their files, but some arrogant person didn't need to and I'm sure many don't care. But please make that a possibility again. Bridge doesn't behave that way, finder doesn't behave that way, why would mini bridge??? I have to memorize which folders have subfolders so that I make sure to double click on the main folder, but that takes me ONLY the subfolders and then I have to click back to see the files. Such a pain! I do digital scrapbooking with my photography. I have lots of folders for each digital kit, which has subfolders for papers, alphabets, and embellishments. I even have a custom image for most of my folders so I can see what's inside easier, but y'all made it so folders don't matter and I can't zoom in to see them anymore. I also need to access my photos throughout- which are organized again into folders and subfolders by the layout they require. I feel like I'm flying blind when I have to click and guess where certain subfolders are when I can quickly see them all in bridge or finder (or cs5). Which brings me to my second suggestion- I would like to be able to decide which folder I want to view as the default (right now it picks my computer for me). I want to set it to my favorites, but after selecting favorites, then navigating through several folders it always defaults to showing my computer (which is ironic since you can't see anything since it's all folders). I thought the idea was to make things easier, but when y'all screw with "normal" things (seeing the entire contents of a folder) and take away our preferences it gets so frustrating. I think the worst is knowing that it was perfect in CS5, and knowing that I could resort to CS5 and be happy again with these issues. Except the current lightroom doesn't work with it nicely which messes up lots of other things...

I've read lots of opinions and it seems that no matter how many people complain, the answer is a strict "no, we're not bringing it back..." I see that many don't care, but for those of us who it DOES affect I don't understand why Adobe Photoshop has to be so powerful, controlling and I may even go so far as to say arrogant to take features away and leaving us out to dry. It'd be one thing if it never existed in the first place...
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