Migrate Catalog requires HOW MUCH space??

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I'd love to try out this shiny new cloud-based version of Lightroom, though I knew there'd be a hitch. 
The disk size of all my digital-photography files is around 500 GB, the vast majority being RAW format archive files. I have a 750 GB drive. These are not unreasonable numbers. 
The Migrate utility wants me to clear off 500 GB so it can copy files? Whatever for?? They're already there, just upload them. Asking users to clear out the same amount of space as the files they already have is pretty unrealistic. I guess my monthly payment is going towards development of a product I can't use?
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Posted 2 years ago

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Not at all, just stick to Lightroom Classic. CC, and continue getting work done. Lightroom CC is best for workgroups!
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Hi Andrew

The migration tool is in very early stages right now, so hopefully they'll figure out a way to migrate with less space needed in future. Right now, they need to copy the files into its own space because the initial upload and can take weeks or months, depending on your connection speed, and you might have moved some of the files before it gets chance to upload them.

Does Lightroom CC have all the features you'd need to migrate right now, without needing to return to Classic? If you're sure it does, then you can use Export as Catalog to break the catalog up into smaller chunks and import smaller chunks at a time. That's not a great plan if you're going to need to use Classic though.

Alternatively, if you just want to play with LRCC, you can set Classic to sync smart previews to the cloud, which you can then view and edit in LRCC to get a feel for it.

Don't worry about your monthly payment. If half of your payment is going towards the development of CC, then half the payments of the people just using CC are going towards the development of Classic that they can't use... it's swings and roundabouts. 

Both Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC are being developed in parallel, for quite different audiences, so you can use whichever is the best choice for you. 
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It seems AFAIK, all the cloud base systems want or need to place all files you want to upload to them in the same exact folder instead of allowing you to point to any file in any folder on any drive you have connected to your system. They always seem to want or need to move the files to one specific folder on one drive on your system.
This is one reason I have stayed away from any cloud storage system.
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I agree with all the above, its a pain and not practical for all those that do want to use the cloud features we are paying for, but as said, its not just Adobe.
Although ive not tried it myself, can we delete the original files once LR CC has copied them, and re point LR Classic to the new folder? Does the folder structure stay the same? This way we still only have one set of files to work on, just in a new location.
I’m sure its not that simple, but in my head it is.
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If you're going to carry on using Classic, don't delete Classic's originals. But once CC has uploaded its version to the cloud, it doesn't need to keep its own local copy of them, so it'll clear its own local copy (depending on your preferences etc.)

So when they're uploaded, you can end up with just your Classic copy stored locally.
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I use Classic and CC without migration. And I am very happy. Why? At First Import in Classic. Them I only sync all my Collections with CC (only Sync!). After this i have a little work in CC to build the same structure of the collections like in Classic.
The result is beautifull:
1. In CC are only previews, large enough.
2. On iPad, Apple TV4 and iPhone now i have all my pictures in CC.
3. It‘s Equal. Editions in CC and Classic are allways in Sync now.
4. And the best: The previews in CC dont need Space. Cloudspace is today only for the (not uploaded) Originals), but not for previews.

I wish Adobe would make a update that it make possible to make a alternative (preview) migration, that works without uplouding the Full original files.