Lightroom: Memory leaks with adjustment brush

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There is a memory leak with the adjustment brush. After using it for a few minutes, LR becomes very slow and memory usage shoots way up. ClLoseing and re-opening LR solves the problem temporarily. I am using LR 64-bit on Win 7 64-bit, quad CPU, 6GB RAM. When I am not using the adjustment brush, LR works fantastic.
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Posted 8 years ago

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I have asked the Lightroom team to look into this.
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There's some remarks on this observation part way down this thread:

The Develop observations thread unfortunately got merged with an original thread that was unrelated, so it doesn't show up as a top level issue of its own.

There are open internal bugs on brushing getting progressively slower. There's also an open issue that memory usage can get overly high and result in ACR scratch file paging (which makes things even slower) when working with multiple images with brush strokes.

This was exacerbated in 3.x builds prior to 3.5 RC by a behavior that caused too many images to be left opened at once.

How much memory usage are you seeing and is it as a result of applying corrections to multiple photos either one after the other or via sync/autosync or even just with a single image?

Does the 3.5 RC improve matters in your case?

I'd also be curious if you find that memory growth can be slowed down by clearing history periodically? Note I'm not suggesting that as a "solution", just as an experimental confirmation of whether what you're seeing is an issue I know about or something new that I need to corner.

Aside from the accumulating history issue, the automated mechanism I use to drive lots of brushing activity (as in hours of brushing) hasn't been able to create a condition where memory climbs indefinitely. One thing I haven't done is extensive testing of the differences in behavior when creating lots of distinct strokes with different "adjustment channel" settings.

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Thank you David.

I am running LR 3.4.1 and CR 6.4.1 at this time, but will try the 3.5 RC later today.

The behavior seems to manefest when I apply corrections to multiple images, and even more so if I apply multiple corrections to a single photo.
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Can anyone help me? In LR3, I often find that the longer I work on a picture, my RAM usage starts to creep up...and when it hits 70-80% usage, LR3 really slows down. Meaning, when I try to use some of the tools...there is delays in seeing their effects. Is there something in my settings I need to adjust to address that? Cache? I don't normally have an issue when I first open LR...but after a while, something hogs my memory. I don't have anything else running at the time. Any thoughts?
I am on LR 3.6 and I currently have the cache set to 50GB. I have plenty of room on my HD as well. Its weird, but it really notice it when I use the adjustment brush. For example, as I'm painting over an area with the mask, the mask is applied with a 1-2 second delay and I can see the RAM maxing out. Just not sure if there is something else going
on. I have a quad-core processor...although with VISA, my 4GB of RAM are maxed out at 3.2 because of VISTA 32bit.

Per the comments above, it seems that this was a known problem...but was it ever resolved?