Lightroom 2015.8: Memory Leak - having multiple Out of Memory crashes while the backup is running in the background (Mac)

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I have a 27" iMac retina display with 32gb memory running Mac OS 10.12.3.  I have my Lightroom photos stored on an external thunderbolt Promise Pegasus 10Tb drive. I am backing that drive up wirelessly to an ioSafe NAS drive. I have been having multiple Out of Memory crashes while the backup is running in the background. Lightroom is open but not necessarily even being actively used. I have memory apps that point out the application culprit and it is definitely Lightroom - using 20+ Gb of memory and climbing before the crash. I have been using Lightroom since version 1 and have never ever had memory crashes before now.
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Posted 2 years ago

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Of course LR is a memory hog, it's a ginormous database app. It always shows up in Memory Clean 2 (free version) under Memory Hogs (along with Safari, iTunes and Mail). You can use an app like Memory Clean after you quit LR to regain the memory, or just reboot. Never do your backups with a Memory Hog open.
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I'm using Memory Clean but until recently, over the past 10 years of using Lightroom, this has never happened. Thanks for the input.
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Hi Carol,

Just to be sure we are on the same page, you are NOT using Lightroom for the backup right ? You are backing up the photos on the external drive using another backup app ? When you say Lr memory climbs up are you seeing the memory climb at regular intervals ?

In the recently released Lr 2015.9 we have fixed few memory leaks. Please update to that version and let me know whether you are still seeing this issue.

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Thanks for the reply. No, the backup is being done separately behind the scenes. The memory leak happens while I am working in Lightroom. I have updated to the most recent release 2015.9. Have not been doing much work in Lightroom lately so can't say if the issue is resolved or not. Hopefully it is.  I haven't noticed any regular intervals, just that my computer and memory monitor would tell me I had run out of memory and to close things down. Which never worked, and always resulted in having to force quit Lightroom which is not a comfortable thing to do. If I continue to have trouble after the update, I'll get back to you.
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Hi Carol, are you getting an actual crash? Or are you seeing a hang?

If a crash, do you get a crash log? What does it say in it? Please submit all crash logs with your email address:
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When you believe Lr is using too much of memory, please go to Lightroom>Help>System Info... and copy-n-paste the info to this thread. That will give us a little bit more detail.
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Good Morning. I have so many problems, I am asking for help.
I am running LR 2015.12   Thanks to anyone who can help. 

1)I have been getting this message frequently. 

I have 48 GB RAM. 
I tried what few things I know like emptying the cache in the LR preferences. 
I have increased the cache RAW from 1GB to 2GB. 

2) I also receive a message that says that my catalogue is being saved as a zip file because it is too large. I have no idea what that is about.

3) I have my catalogues saved on my SSD, but have an entire 4TB HD holding my old catalogues. Do I save these? 
Do I change the current destination on my catalogues?