Photoshop: Liquify unexpectedly loading last mesh with Action (vi Insert Menu Item)

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Running latest Ps (19.1.0 20180116.r.238 x64) on Windows 7 x64.

So I'm retouching a batch of images and running an action to create base layers where invoking Liquify filter is the second step.

As soon as it open, it loads automatically the previous mesh from the previous - and closed, file.
I have to restore all changes then start fresh.

Such a headache until I noticed up...

Never found an option for "automatically load previous mesh" or anything alike.

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Pedro Nakamura

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Posted 2 years ago

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Cristen Gillespie

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> Never found an option for "automatically load previous mesh" or anything alike.>

I'm afraid I'm not clear on what you want to have happen. Do you want to have the action load the last mesh? Because it can, if you twirl open Load Mesh Options and choose Load Last Mesh. It will load the mesh on whatever object you have on your base layer.

If you don't want it to load last mesh, but you DO want the dialog to open so you can then liquify the mesh any way you want, the only way I can find to get what you want it is to record an action where instead of creating a warped mesh—with the Reconstruct Brush active, click on the reconstruct button. I don't think I swiped across the mesh, but I might have. The main thing was I did nothing to the mesh with any other tool, but the OK button lit up. I then clicked okay and added a modal stop to the Liquify command.

Now if I run the action on an object, the dialog opens and I can see I have a perfectly unwarped mesh ready to warp.

If neither of these things is what you're looking for, could you take a screenshot or two and give us a step-by-step of what you're looking for?
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Hi Cristen, thanks for your time.

So, I got what you said and I'm not being clear enough... damn you language barrier! :)
I'll try again step by step.

01. Open 10 images at once

02. Run action

03. Master background layer dupped

04. Actions runs: "Menu item > Filter > Liquify" (note that I set up the action to run Liquify with "Instert Menu Item" option)

05. Action proceeds creating base layers and adj. layers for basic retouching

06. Retouching stuff... export, close file #1

07. File #2 pops up since #1 has been closed

08. F12 key pressed to run the action

09. Master background layer dupped

10. Liquify comes up loaded with the last mesh

The liquify window pops up with the latest mesh loaded, without clicking "load last mesh".
Looks like it's keeping the last mesh cached... I don't know.

If not clear enough, I'll record my screen lol

Thanks again!