Massive lag issue in PHOTOSHOP CS 6 on my Windows 10 system

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i am on an asus laptop running cs6 windows 10. It was running fine yesterday, even with my multitasking. Many browser tabs of ref material and a video playing didnt even phase the program in the slightest. 
today, however, i am getting brush lag like you wouldnt believe. I ran through the usual troubleshooting forums trying all kinds of setting. Shut this off, turn that on, alter this value... many of the suggestions actually served to make the problem worse. It was annoying before, now it is almost totally unusable. 

what i have tried:
- turning disabling anti-aliasing on guides and paths

- adjusting the memory use

- updating my video drivers

- turning cache levels both up and down to see if it did anything useful

- turn off flick panning whatever that is

- set drawing mode to basic

- purge the clipboard and history

- turned off the GPU settings (then turned them back on again after it did nothing)

- looked at the little 100% under my image. not sure what its there for but i was told to see if it was there and it was.

- installed a third party plugin that was suggested to improve my performance (all it did was make the little 100% jump to 250% so i disabled the plugin. it is now sitting at 122.69% and it wont go down. only up.)

- update my drivers AGAIN

- updated a few drivers that had nothing to do with my video card just in case

- took a breather because i wanted to lob the laptop out the window

Things that are NOT effecting the lag (found through trial and error)

- my drivers. they can literally only be updated so much before they wont update any more and nothing has changed for the better.

- my antivirus. i dont have one. i have a cleanup crew rather than a bouncer. I would have to install one in order to disable it. I ran my cleanup recently and all is ok. no viruses.

- the amount of programs running. I closed everything and it STILL lags. in fact i think it actually lags more.

- my fonts. No errors or anything there. all is working fine. 

- the speed at which i draw. the lag is proportional to my speed. no matter how slowly i draw, the line needs to play catch up.

- the settings of my brush. I am using a default brush with default settings.

- the size of my document. one layer, 500x500 pixels.... i have run a 40 layer monster at 2k by 2k pixels before and i had less issues than this. if it cant handle one layer at a fraction of the size, i dont know what its problem is.

the issue is intermittent. sometimes i go months without issue, sometimes it will lag for days at a time. I have a huge commission list to work on now though and i really cant afford this attitude problem that cs6 has gotten today!

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