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I have an idea for mask refinement that to my knowledge does not exist (but I am new).

Let's say you are creating a mask which involves blond hair in front of some water. In the refine mask dialog, you have used edge detection to zero in on the hair, but you still have a blue halo (from the water) around some of the hair. I would like to see a way of masking out the blue based on a "defined profile." So for example, the RGB of the hair is 166, 141, 101 and the water is 200, 207, 213. What if you could tell Photoshop to mask out any pixels which fall in the range of, say, + or - 10 for the water sample. So in this example, it would mask out any pixels with an RGB of 190-210, 197-217, and 203-223. Using this method, it is possible a pixel in the hair might have 1 or 2 RGB criteria, it is unlikely to have all three. This would allow for precise mask refinement. The selection range might either be defined manually, i.e. +- 10 for each RGB, or by dragging a sampling tool through the water (in this example) to find the exact range of values for each of the RGB which was contained in the sampling. Thus this RGB profile might be 189-214, 200-221, and 203-227. Naturally, you would want to be able to reveal a defined pixel range as well as mask.
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You're describing something similar to how the refine mask feature already works -- by looking at the color values of the pixels inside and outside the selection.