PHOTOSHOP - Mask and Path behavior changes I’d LOVE TO SEE HAPPEN!

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I use masks and paths all the time in Photoshop and I have several suggestions I’d love to see happen.

Folders within Paths and Masks palettes. I don’t know about all of you, but sometimes I have to use a ton of masks and/or paths and I’d love to have a better way to sort them. How about folders! I could keep my essential clipping paths in one folder and the non-essential paths that I wouldn’t want to send to a client in another, making for easy deletion when creating final images to send to the client.

Bring back clipping path visibility for Solid Color layers. This used to be the behavior in CS5 and earlier, and still works this way with many other layers and folders. If you apply a path to a Solid Color, Gradient or Pattern layer, it then acts as a vector shape. This makes it harder to edit, and especially to remove, since it now deletes the entire adjustment layer rather than just the path. I also can no longer hold down [option] and click/drag the path to another layer.

Allow multiple paths and masks per layer. Sometimes I might have more than one mask in an image that select different things. I want to apply them both at once to a single layer or folder. Right now, I have to make a third mask by combining the first two, and if I need to edit one or the other original masks I have to re-create the third. Alternatively, I could put my layer or folder into another folder and add the extra mask to that, but it makes for a sloppy and confusing layer stack and I don't see how that is any prettier than my suggestion. But if I could apply two masks (or more!) to the same layer or folder it would save me time and be less confusing. The same holds true for paths.

Link paths and masks to the layers to which they’re applied. Right now, a path begins its life as a Work Path, and if I like it I may double-click on it and define it as Path 1. Then I’ll apply it to a layer or folder in my layer stack. Maybe I’ll use that exact same path five or six times. Oh great, it looks like I need to change the path and I’ll have to re-apply it to all six layers. Wouldn’t it be lovely to see that path in the Paths palette as a linked path, where I could edit it once and would change all of the rest? Answer: Yes it would, and it would work the same for masks as well.

Thanks for reading! Please help my secret Photoshop dreams become a reality.


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