Photoshop: Move tool marquee selection should be smart to ignore blank space in paragraph text box

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when making infographics it is common to have templates and some have paragraph text boxes for the need later to add more text a restricted space, but when you marquee select the layers for the need to arrange them, you don't want these areas to be included in the selection because they are empty. 

so if you are using marquee selection to select multiple layers, and a blank paragraph box of a text layer is in the selection, it selects it. even if there are no pixels there.

a smart marquee selection would know that if there are no pixels, it should not select the layer.

the only workaround is to manually shrink the paragraph text area or convert the layer to point text , but when dealing with many text layers (think a table chart, or any kind of infographics with many text layers)

here's the issue:
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Posted 2 years ago

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Yes... this basic thing like selection is very unusable. Even clipped layers are hell. Or messed up color adjustment filters on smart objects (invisible area fills whole document and they are selected everytime). This is one from reason why i switched to Sketch. Artboard is a lot accidentaly selected. Or messed up artboard locking to prevent issue before (if you lock artboard position you can do everything inside except shape path operations so it is useless)

In Sketch
1) if you hover layer in layers panel then it is outlined on canvas
2) groups are selected by default and if you want its content just hold Meta key
3) or set layer property that you can't select group
4) on right click you can see even layer thumnails in context menu... but in most recent PS version you can't even see whole name if is too long
5) if you hover layer on canvas, then is highligted in layers panel
6) shift + mouse drag can deselect layers
7) you can select 1px width line because active area is a bit bigger - in Photoshop you sometimes even can't pick layers if in clicked area is thiner than 1px - this issue has status "never fix"
8) layers locking prevents only from selecting layer otherwise you can do everything
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thanks Jarlose. this feature saved me many times, I would definitely think it's very useful. if you got a canvas that needs organization, I can't think of any sane way to get it inline other that marquee selection. (you could also Cmd+shift and add more to the selection but that's tedious)

  I think some of these have some sort of the things you mentioned maybe have some kind of a  workflow in Ps will write those down just in case you were not aware:
1.  yeah not doable but if you click on a layer you can set the "show transform box" (I never use it) and you will see it on the canvas
2. you can set autoselect with a checkmark and set it to groups (I never do) so when you click on a layer that's in a group the group is selected. or uncheck it and press Cmd to activate the auto-select temporarily
3. if I set the autoselect to layer, the a group will not be selected until you select it manually in the layer window.
5. yeah we need to click ctrl to select it
6. nice one, we can only select again just the ones we want
7. yeah this happend to me too