Lightroom/Camera Raw: Make 360° panoramas "draggable" to center points of interest

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The panorama feature in LR is quite good if the base images have been shot with care to avoid stitching errors. What I would like to see is a way I can "move" the projection view direction if I have a 360° panorama.
Consider the expertly executed and annotated screenshot:

The right part is clearly the "rest" of the left part. If I could drag the image a bit to the right, the road would end up bang in the middle and the edges would both end up in the water, giving a much nicer view. Right now I have to develop all images seperately and export them as tiff so I can load them into Microsoft ICE which does a very nice job of projecting 360° panoramas.
You might consider setting a metadata-flag in the resulting DNG so I can later on drag the pano around a bit if I feel like it. And please make the preview image larger/zoomable. It might be a stich of reduced size images for preview purposes, but a bit closer inspection would be nice sometimes.

Excited to hear what you think!
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Microsoft ICE is indeed a much better panorama tool, and as it is free there is no penalty using that instead of the built in pano function in LR. I sincerely wish that Adobe does not spend more energy into making its pano function any better, as good software to manipulate panoramas. Who's going to lose most if Adobe kills that market niche ?
We as users are going to lose most. We'll get an even heavier LR software. Professional panorama software might lose enough business to have to quit or stop developing their software as they do now. We'll lose alternatives to turn to. There will be less competition and innovation.
So I do not understand the numerous calls to Adobe to add more than basic capabilities in the sub-fields like panorama, HDR , books, internet pages, upload tools, etc.
Please Adobe stick to making the development tools better, and forget about the numerous add-ons that other companies are much better at and that obviously divert your energy from much needed quality control.
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Adobe's LR/ACR panoramas benefit from still being raw data if the source images are raw.   Otherwise there are better tools, more dedicated to the task.

Do the ends of the panorama match up perfectly or not? 

I don't agree that Adobe shouldn't try harder, but they need to try much, much harder, to overtake the competition. 

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Adobe's LR/ACR panoramas are indeed quite good: the matching and lineup is, well, magic even if there are parallax problems to some extent and the result is DNG, which allows you to edit the looks of the result (colour, lighting, but also crop & rotation) on the result itself rather than on all the individual sources. The feature I am missing most is the topic of the post: specifying the midpoint of the 360 panorama. Other things I miss is to change the tilting of the projected cylinder (straighten the 'wave' of images along the circle)  to maximize vertical coverage (for handshot panos with not too obvious vertical lines). As a result, I still use Hugin even though it is tedious and does a worse job of covering up parallax errors.
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Update: in a recent update (didn't notice exactly when), LR allows you to drag manual 'guides' in the Transform pane, "Guided" tab. This allows you to straighten the resulting DNG (but not removing the 'wave' that I mentioned above) horizontally and vertically. So, if the pano slants, this can be corrected, sacrificing perspective accuracy. You need two horizontal guides in parallelogram orientation. Similarly, it allows you to straighten the vertical lines in the shot. One or two vertical guides will do the trick (in trapezium-style). Staying on topic, still, as of today, there is no way to specify the midpoint of the 360 panorama. Another thing I've noticed is that LR does not recognize zenith or nadir shorts - these are categorically excluded from the stitch.