Lightroom: Provide ability to print metadata

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Provide ability to print metadata.

This is currently

Allow templates to be created whereby metadata can be positioned anywhere on the page, select fonts, styles, etc.

Main needs are subject, title, location, date, copyright fields.

What is the point having a tool which allows metadata to be kept, but not printed appropriately with the final printed image.
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Posted 9 years ago

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Hi Matthew,

Some of what you're asking for is already possible. In the Print module, in the Page panel, check the "Photo Info" checkbox. Then, from the "Photo Info" pop-up menu, you can select a variety of presets, or choose "Edit" and create your own. You can include any IPTC or EXIF metadata for printing. And although you cannot pick your font or choose the position for the text, you can control font size.

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Thanks for the prompt reply.

The key words above are "cannot pick font....cannot choose position"...

The features you mention are fine for drafts, but a million miles away from what is needed for final Professional Prints. To be honest... these features fit into the amateur category. Who is going to print draft unformatted text onto expensive paper, using expensive ink, and who would dare present this to a client.

I can use alternative tools to achieve a professional finish, including Photoshop (which I have). However, Photoshop does not allow me easily get my metadata from Lightroom and place it into a template that I can constantly re-use. Lightroom is designed to store metadata and print.....seems crazy that you do not allow your customers combine these basic components to complete the workflow.

What is frustrating is that you have all the technology to do a really good job. In fact, many of the features required are already in Lightroom, just check what can be done in the Slideshow module.

While the basic engine in the Print module is great, the inbuilt sharpening, etc...most of the difficult stuff is there.

I was hoping for this in version 1, disappointed it was not in version 2 and gobsmacked it was not in version 3. I live in hope for version 4.

If I do not ask for it I will not get it, so I am asking.

If Adobe was a small software house I would say they do not have the technology or resources. In this case Adobe have all the tools at their disposal. I can only assume this is driven by Adobe product policy to constain these basics as opposed to constrained by capability.

I live in hope.

Ps. Please allow a filter to select only Lightroom ideas (or Photoshop, etc), queries, etc.. Apologies if its there, but I cannot find such an option.
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Does this link filter it for you sufficiently?
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Yes. Great. Thanks for reply.

So, the obvious next do I filter Lightroom Ideas.

I appreciate the reply. Is there a page I can read on filtering this forum.
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You can also use the 'search topics' top right to search for Lightroom, but they're not sorted by date that way.

I don't know of a page explaining all the filter functions, sorry. It's a fairly new forum and we're all still finding our way round!
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In terms of the original inquiry, I would like to second the request for a way to print metadata, and specifically printing data, in some way that would not effect a final high quality print.

Specifically I would like to create a print log for each print that would include all of the necessary data for tracking prints and if necessary recreating a print. Ideally this would include print driver information (I realize this may be difficult) as well as relevant Lightroom data such as Image name, date, cell size, margins, Lightroom template used, print resolution, print sharpening selected, media type selected, ICC profile and Rendering intent.

As to format a .txt file that could be pulled into a spreadsheet would be fine. And ideally a label format that could be printed and applied to the back of a print would be extremely helpful (although the same could be created from the txt file).

Thank you.
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The Book module has been added, but no improvements to basic printing of meta data in the print module in Ver 4. What is more disappointing is that the Book module (beta version at least) is crippled by the fact that templates cannot be amended or created. It seems to me that Adobe are determined to prevent us from putting our metatdata or comments where we want them, or to allow us really improve our workflow. I can live without a new Book module or Map module, but properly printed images is a very basic requirement.

Really bad news. I only hope (but not at all optimistic) that we may see these improvements in the final version. Very, very disappointed.
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When will we be able to print our meta data with our images in the Lightroom print module. I want to be able to place Titles, Captions, date / time, location under an image using a pre defined template, where I can select font type, size, justification, etc... I do not want a half baked version of an Identifty plate.

With out this basic feature the Print Module is incomplete.

I am bitterly disappointed that we are at version 4 and this basic need is not satisified. I was disappointed it was not in Version 1, then Version 2........ We now have books, but cannot print a single image with a professionally formatted type template.

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Lightroom: Ability to place Titles, Captions, date / time, location under an image using a predefined template.
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Really appalling to see there is no change happened in identity template which would have been a major boost to the usage of Print Module.  Designers and Product development team lacks the practical mind unfortunately.. Unable to find rationale reasoning not to include the features which is mentioned in one of the above posts!!
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This feature is available in the "Slideshow" module.  The capability to add and format metadata is very flexible.   It would be nice to have the same flexibility in the print module and , better yet, the export module.  It would be great to be able to export images with any of the desired metadata fields with the same flexibility as the slide show module.  

Right now I save the slide show with the desired fields as a PDF.  Then the images are exported as tiffs or jpegs using Acrobat DC.  But without Acrobat DC you are at a dead end.  It would be nice to get those images without all the cruddy slideshow formatting.

sigh . . . : (
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1. Please see this recent post by Scott Kelby. I fully support his request.

2. My original request is more than 9 years old. I think this might be a good time to revisit this request.