Maddening new features in ELEMENTS 13. There must be a way back to good old 10 settings?!

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I've checked online, looked at the manual, and can find nothing that mentions these new features in Photoshop Elements 13 that are origin me mad with frustration.

How can I make it so photoshop elements 13 never changes the screen image size of a document I've set while I'm working on it. At present, the size often reverts to the original opening size whenever I change tools, or when I change from one editing mode to another (e.g. from guided to expert). It is a maddening and very unhelpful new feature in Adobe Photoshop Elements 13.

How can I make photoshop keep the photo bin open, or the tool setting panel open? Again it is maddening these keep closing when I haven't asked them to, and need opening as a separate operation.

Both of these issues more than double the number of clicks needed to edit and image, and are, for me, a very negative feature of Elements as it is set up on my machine (a 5K iMac).

Can anyone help?
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Posted 4 years ago

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I don't understand your first image size problem as I can't replicate it. Maybe something specific with Macs ? (I am on Windows).
Since PSE11, you can't keep both the photo bin and the tools options open at the same time. It's either one or none. The tool box opens automatically when you change tools, no need to click for that.
Most users have got used to the new feature, even if many feel those photo bin and tool options are quite large and invasive. Having both open at the same time would leave little space for editing work.
Depending on your workflow, you might use the option of 'floating' windows for your different documents instead of the photo bin?
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Thanks for your quick reply.

It could be a mac problem (or perhaps only an imac5K problem), but presumably lots of PSE addicts will buy iMac 5Ks (which are perfect for fiddly photo work) and if they have the same issue, they will presumably find it difficult too.

I moved straight from 10 to 13 - never had the 11 or 12.

I'm a complete amateur incidentally, which might also be part of the problem. I've discovered how to do the things I want to do while popping from guided to expert mode and back again to use various tools. I mostly work in guided mode (which may also be part of the problem perhaps?)

To clarify the image size problem. It is simply the size of the image as it presents on the screen. I blow it right up to edit something, change tools (e.g. to remove blemishes) and it pops back down to the first size it opened (which is often small). So then I have to fiddle with the size again before I can get on working.

Is there a preference somewhere that controls this? How does PSE13 decide what size to present the image on screen? Is there code as each new tool opens to tell the image to go back to the original size (unless the user has done something, because it doesn't always change)? It seems to change consistently though going from Expert to guided, but not consistently from guided to expert.

With the photo bin and tools - I'm quite happy with NOT having tools options plus photo bin open at the same time as the editing panel. But the photo bin seems to keep closing itself. Which means I spend lots of time opening it again.

I'd ideally like to be able to instruct the program to open the tools options when I open a tool. Is there a preference for this?

And another change I find causes me time loss when working is that in the tools options panel, you seem only to be able to change tool size using a slider, which can be very fiddly if most of you are working at tool sizes of less than 5 pixels. There used to be a box where you could specify size precisely and quickly.

I'm not sure if you can help with these, and I'll try to work my way through the manual to see if I can find an alternative way of working that gets round the problems.

But the screen image size popping about does seem to me something (even if only a mac - or perhaps a imac5k problem) that needs fixing at some point. It is extremely distracting.

Thanks again for the quick reply.