LIGHTROOM vs Competition: What is missing

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I have working with LR since the very first beta and I was until v4.1 an active member of the prerelease program (which I abandoned since i was sick for a while)
In all those years i have saw Lr becoming an incredible tool for photographers an ideal all in one package

When I look at Lr 5.2 I am amazed how the adobe team has pushed the editing tools ! things such as healing and cloning, radial filter and Lens correction are just like a dream :)

Despite all my amazement for v 4 I still do have 3 big points of frustration:

-Comparing multiple images

so many years have passed and still here we are with the same limitation customizing the workspace
I am sorry to be so negative, there is nothing wrong with the LR UI but it drives me crazy to see that the all thing is still so stiff!
If you are familiar to Capture One or Aperture you know what i am talking about....creating your own workspace the way fits your workflow or customizing the IU in relation of the asset you are using !

I am also sad not seeing a real Loupe coming....which some find completely useless but others just love it
..and frankly I find quiet bizarre that even Adobe Bridge got one .......and we don't

....not to mention that seeing that there is not zoom function in survey mode is really a pain!

there are pro tool like Capture One that support those capability since really many years and I don’t understand why there is no sign of progress in this direction

I am sure many folks are most happy the ways it is but believe me,.... out there many others feel the same frustration i got

Thanks for listening and for your great work

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Ettore Causa

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Posted 5 years ago

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I am considering switching to Lr (i am a Aperture user)
i love every single editing tool of Lr 5 i have tried... really very cool
Unfortunately the user interface its really not much customizable...
a real shame when you think how advance the app is on all other aspects
Hope they will soon fix it


I'm a big fan of the Aperture's loupe and I hope to see something similar in Lr really soon
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The UI its way to old a limited
Adobe please have a look at Capture One or Aperture
they really got it right.. :)

Yes i also want a nice loupe


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I`ve been using LR since version 1 and I also find the UI very limiting. I`d like to have floating panels that I can drag to another monitor!
Navigation (panning and zooming) is also slow and by far not as smooth AND comfortable as the GPU driven navigation in Photoshop.
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Wondering if #adobe really knows what competition is doing. For example, #adobe, please buy/or/ and test Capture Pro; use the same RAW file from a Nikon D750 and pull the Highlight to -100 in both programs and tell me why Lightroom is that bad. Not to mention Capture reads the raw files over all better and to make them look the same in Lightroom i actually need to make slider changes. Really #adobe???? Thats all you can do? Not to mention the very wrong Keyboard Shortcuts, which aren't the same like in Photoshop and no possibility to opt for the "standard" or "photoshop like" shortcuts option. Well, guess what no matter why you want that difference between the programs, we, the users, don't want it and for sure don't like it!