Lightroom: is Lightroom specifically restricted from from 'borrowing' certain tools and technology from Photoshop for marketing reasons?

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This is a question for the the Lightroom team that I have a feeling won't get answered :) But we'll see. Are you specifically restricted from from 'borrowing' certain tools and technology from Photoshop for marketing reasons? I know the relationship between the two has often been visually represented as a Venn diagram (with Bridge as the 3rd circle) but of course, the more LR borrows the feature that make photoshop key for photographers, the less we may be compelled to buy it.

Don't get me wrong... I'm not asking in the cynical sense. It makes perfect sense although other reasons could be that LR prioritized not over complicating the interface etc etc.

Some of the no-brainer features (in my personal opinion) that could just be migrated and instantly make LR substantially more powerful: Clone/Healing brush, Soft Proofing (with slight better implementation), Content Aware fill, Layers... probably half a dozen other.

Once again, this is not meant to be cynical, rather, it's about expectation setting.
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I can't speak to marketing reasons (because I'm a developer on the testing team, so I don't hear much about those aspects), but one big reason is simply because the two apps are so different.

For one thing, features in Photoshop are generally modeled around destructive (pixel altering) operations and Lightroom is non-destructive. Mapping features between those two models involves some very careful engineering. Also, under the hood, the two apps share remarkably little, so even if their UI/workflow and image editing designs weren't significantly different, feature sharing wouldn't always be as straightforward as you might expect.

Combine that with constrained resources, a relatively small team, and a host of other (non-imaging focused) feature demands and you get a situation where a lot of apparently applicable features don't cross the chasm.

So while I can't answer the question, I will say for as many discussions as I've heard related to cool imaging features for Lightroom, I can't recall any that ended due to concerns about having that feature in LR being a threat to Photoshop.
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I've lived on both sides of the fence (Engineering and Product Management/Marketing) and my experience is similar to Dan's. His answer is pretty well sums it up.