LR 5.4 slowing down and failing after 15-20 minutes time and time again

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I have a similar problem. Only it comes back time and time again. It goes as follows: after working in LR 5.4 during about 20 minutes I can not alter the copyname of files any longer, nor can I rate or flag files. After restarting LR, it works again for another 15 minutes than the same problem occurs. Already, since I started to use LR 5.4 I had one major crash and several hickups. And I have only just started it; did not even get to use the develop module in 5.4 yet. On top LR 5 is much slower than 4. It is very time consuming, so I am thinking to go back to LR 4 with which I never had any problem.
Additional info I have a quadcore PC12 GB RAM with Intel Xeon CPU and Windows 7 64 bits OS. My cataloque contains 60.000 images.
I thought I was one of only a few people having this problem, as I can not find much information about it. I must say I find it odd that it seems to happen in all versions of LR 5. When 5 first came out I started using it, but quickly returned to 4 because of this problem and the bugs at that time. Now we have 5.4, I thought the above mentioned problems would have been solved in the meantinme and gave it another try. I must say I am really disappointed in 5, and are hoping that Adobe could come up with some info how this will be tackled in the near future.
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Posted 5 years ago

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I've recently installed Lightroom 5.4 on my system:

Mid 2012 MacPro
Processor 2 x 2.4 GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon
Graphics ATI Radeon HD 5770 1024 MB

I've always used Lightroom with no issues. Now that I've done this update the system seems to hang up with certain operations, like if I'm exporting a photo developed from RAW (Canon 1D-C), my entire system slows down to a halt. Even trying to load a webpage takes 2-3 min. Seems to be affecting my graphics card, as Activity Monitor shows that almost no CPU, or RAM are being used during this crash. I have to wait for 2 min for LR to catch up before I can do anything on my computer.

Please update this ASAP so I can continue my work. At this point I might be better off shooting 35mm film and heading to the lab...


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I have same sort of prblem.
I just got back from a trip to scotland. around 2000 photos added to my library. I was doing alot of developing, cropping and meta data additions. I have done the same when I have taken other trips with even more photos. This time I had Lightroom at least ten time get very bogged down to the point where it was not responding at all. Closing the program and restarting curred the issues, but it was flashing windows up from other programs and asking for 2nd monitor options (I have only one monitor) and be totally un responsive. Up to a minute to respond to hitting the close box. Using Lightroom 5.4 on a Windows 7 service pack1, Intel cor i7-3770K processor and 16GB ram, 64bit OS. It Kind of felt like there may have some sort of memory leak.
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Hi all, I posted now a month ago. In the meantime I am happily back at using LR 4 again. Aside from both reactions above for which I thank the posters, I have had no other reaction, and most certainly not from Adobe. I find this very disappointing .... since no solution seems to be available. Sigh...
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Have you read Adobes LR performance improvement page, especially resetting your preferences? Also search for how showing some metadata in the library module can impact performance.