Lightroom 5.4 - sharpening not getting applied on jpeg output export

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A bug was introduced in LR5 as admitted by adobe themselves
that sharpening and noise reduction was not getting applied on 'Export' of jpgs
i checked the releae notes of 5.1 / 5.2 / 5.3 / 5.4
in each version, there is a claim of the same problem being corrected

i can assure you that the sharpness problem still exists.

this problem has been reported by many people
mentioned in many threads
each time admitted by adobe and a fix promised in next update
each version claims to have corrected

being a technical person myself
I can assure you the problem still exists

can somebody please reply?
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Mohit Khanna

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Posted 5 years ago

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Rob Cole

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Hi Mohit,

I corrected my reply to your previous post about this - I see you are running Lr5.4 which was supposedly finally fixed, but it's seeming like (in some cases anyway): isn't (fixed).

a MUST do:

See if develop sharpening is being applied at all:

set amount to zero, export, set amount to max, export, then compare.

If they're the same, then that proves a bug in no uncertain terms (develop sharpness is simply not being applied).

PS - there was no Lr5.1 ;-}.

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Rob Cole

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Problem is Mac only? or are Windows users having this problem too..

(Mohit is on Mac/Mavericks).

I'm on Windows 7 and not having the problem.
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LR has two places to specify sharpening, the sharpening at the original pixel resolution in the Detail area in Develop, and the sharpening at the resized-down resolution in the Export panel.

To test whether your Detail sharpening is transferring to your Output image, don't resize the output image and don't add any Export sharpening, then compare the Develop 1:1 to the non-resized output 1:1.

To test whether your Export sharpening is occurring, try one of the stronger Export sharpening settings: for example, Glossy/High and see if you see any change from Screen/Standard or no Export sharpening, again comparing 1:1 or 100% zoom.

If both of these sharpening phases are occurring then it is not a bug, even if the sharpening of your output image isn't identical to what you see either in Library or Develop.

If you would like someone else to verify what you're seeing, and to test if it is platform-specific, then zip up your raw file, and perhaps your output JPG(s) (one resized-down, and one not resized-down) and upload them to somewhere like then post a public download link, here.
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Rob Cole

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In addition to the check recommended by Steve (exporting without resizing), I recommend exporting with resizing, but max develop sharpening, to see whether *any* develop sharpening is being applied or not, at reduced sizes.
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Mohit Khanna

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Rob - yes, there was no 5.1, my typing error
this is where i checked the change logs of all the versions

this is how i normally do it (had posted this on other thread)
I always do and check sharpening in Develop module at 1:1 size
i have set my preview size on import to STANDARD (not minimal, not 1:1)
in catalogue settings, file handling, 1440 pixels, high quality
now after having edited my 1DS Mark III CR2 image completely including sharpness
i go to Export with these settings:
jpeg / sRGB / 100 quality
resize to fit long edge / dont enlarge / 1024 pixels / resolution 72 ppi
output sharpening for screen - standard

having read and understood your replies carefuly,
i experimented with many settings, trying different permutations and combinations
with regard to resizing, resolutions, sharpenings, full size, etc
its not possible to mention all results here

but my conclusion is
- sharpening is good at full size jpgs
- not visible at 1000 px and less

so maybe the bug, where sharpening doesnt reflect at less than 1/3 sizes of original size still exists, many others have reported similar issue

Rob & Steve
thank you for taking interest and replying back
maybe an official word from Adobe team would help on this
or maybe not, as LR6 could be on the anvil as per release cycles

but thank you again, both of you for your time & help
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Rob Cole

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Mohit - moderate develop sharpening won't show when exporting hi-rez files at very low resolution because you're condensing 30 or 40 pixels into one - such is not a bug, it's just how it works. As Steve said, at such reductions, any and all sharpening comes from export/output sharpening - not a bug (if said output sharpening is being applied I mean). That said, maximum develop sharpening should show, when exporting at say 1000 pixels, and so you should check it (as mentioned in my previous posts above, e.g. amount=150, radius=3, detail=100, masking=0) in order to determine if Lr is neglecting develop sharpening, or not.

If no bug, and you like small exports extra-sharp, use output sharpening: high.
If bug, it needs to be nailed down - so far, it has not been.

PS - library previews and export resolution (e.g. ppi) don't matter.

PPS - if we can prove there is a bug, then an official word from Adobe would be warranted and probably forthcoming. As it stands, they're probably just watching us stumble & fumble, and maybe shaking their heads and rolling their eyes a little ;-}.