Lightroom 5.4 - Sharpening adjustments don't appear in JPG exports or library module, but do appear in develop module

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Why don't sharpening adjustments appear in JPG exports in LR 5.4? Also, when I switch from the Develop module back to the Library module, sharpening adjustments I have just made to NEFs in the Develop module disappear. When I click back into the Develop module, they reappear. This make LR 5.4 COMPLETELY UNUSABLE as a professional image processing app. How do I revert to 5.3? That version was also buggy (it refused to resize images on export), but at least it didn’t screw up image QUALITY.
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  • once again very upset with Adobe's quality control

Posted 5 years ago

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You have to pay for major version upgrades, but not minor version upgrades.

I don't know if a different minor version of Lr4 would restore proper behavior or not. And I have no idea whether Lr5 would be any better for you either.

You just have to try to find out.

But this I do know:
* Adobe won't fix Lr4.
* Adobe won't consider problems in any but the latest version of Lr5.

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This is exported with 0 sharpening applied.

And of course it's saying my other file is higher than 2mb and I don't know how to resize :( but it looks like the exact same photo to me, only the color is SLIGHTLY different. I see NO sharpening in that exported photo.
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Steve Sprengel or others may be willing to help you with Lr4. I however, am not. Sorry, I feel bad for you, but really, the thing to do is upgrade to the latest version. That might solve your problem. And if it doesn't, then let's get Adobe to fix it..

I mean, you were saying Lr4 was working properly, but now it's not. So Lr5 may have the same problem (it's "obviously" something system dependent). Or, it may not.. But if you need/want to stay with Lr4, then the only answer will come from making changes to your system/setup - Adobe will never change Lr4 code again.
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Interestingly, if I take your full-size Exported JPG just above and view it zoomed down in my Internet Explorer browser using its FIT view, then things look sharp like your FIT LR Develop view. This demonstrates that it is something artificial that the viewer is doing, not a lack of something that LR is doing.

Please upload your original JPG or original raw file to and use share to get a public download link to post here, so others can see if LR does the same for them. I have LR 4 installed as well as LR 5 so I could see if LR 5 improves the situation or not.

Here is center crop of the IE-FIT view where the center subject's hair and glasses look sharp compared to the full-size original. You may need to click on it to see it at full resolution: