LR5 very slow performance while using the Develop Module>Adjustment Tools

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I had no performance issues in LR4 at all. In LR5 I do nothing but wait for the cursor to expand/contract, or make image changes in the Develop Module>Adjustment tools. I installed it only late last week so I have not tested all of the modules yet.

I have a beefy desktop designed to run LR and CS6 at once as well as Nik and OnOne plugins and apps. It did the job admirably for LR4 and CS6, however, using LR5 is the pits. I have done all the recommended steps to enhance performance on all apps, but this has not helped LR5 performance at all. The only thing that I have found on the forums that may help (I have not tested yet) is to turn off the Develop>Adjustment Tools>Lens Corrections>Enable Profile Corrections checkbox as a workaround.

Adobe...this needs to be fixed asap. Did this app pass QA or what???
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Posted 5 years ago

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Your symptoms are happening because some sort of unusual problem has occurred (or is occurring). Although I agree it is probably (not necessarily) due to some insufficient robustness / bug(s) in Lr5, you can probably solve this problem without Adobe's help. It's usually a system problem or a critical Lr data file problem...

To be clear: 99.X % of users are not having this problem, so asking Adobe to "fix this" may not happen without some more specific info from you, or maybe you'll get lucky and they'll stumble into something... Obviously the app was not performing thusly for the developers / QA.

The other possibility is that it has absolutely nothing to do with Lightroom, and so it will never (can't ever) be fixed. e.g. apps that don't use that 31st bit of the 119,001st byte of the 4th memory chip aren't affected if that bit is stuck, even if that app is Lr4. Although I chose a hardware problem as example, ditto for software/data-file problems.

Bottom line - the fact that Lr5 isn't running well, and Lr4 was, in and of itself, doesn't mean much, except, "you got a problem" (or "Lr is having a problem", if you prefer)... - consider solving your problem if you can, and then tell Adobe what you did, so they can use that info to robusten for the next user(s).

Something specific to try first: Delete Lr preferences (.agprefs file) and/or try with a virginal catalog. If that helps, and you can recreate the problem by putting the old files back, then send the offending prefs file and/or catalog to Adobe for evaluation.