LR4 to PSE10 Won't Maintain Bit-Depth compression

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In LR4 there's options in the preferences for setting defaults for an external editor. It also allows you to confirm/change these upon actual export of a file. Because I'm exporting to PSE10, I've indicated each time and in each place that I'd like it to sow 8-bit depth compression. When it opens in PSE it's locked and won't let me do anything until I change from 16-bit to 8-bit (despite the fact that I've repeatedly indicated 8-bit). Is a fix for this expected anytime soon? I've already installed the Release Candidate, and it does not address this issue.
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I have the same problem with LR 4.1 RC to PS CS 5 with ACR 6.7 RC, all 64 Bit, Win7.

A little testing revealed that this is *not* a problem of the image transfer to photoshop. Instead, it is a problem of the external editing preferences: If "8 bits" is selected, this is completely ignored and "16 bits" is used instead:
- Opening the preferences subsequently will show "16 bits" again
- Also in the preferences file "16 bits" is saved (e.g. photoshopEditingFormat = "TIFF_None_16_sRGB")
- This applies not only to "Edit in PS", but to all other external editor settings
- The option is ignored even when using other external editors and changing the file settings in the "edit with" dialog in "edit copy with LR adjustmens" mode.

P.S. It does not seem to be a problem saving the preferences file ("Lightroom 4 Preferences.agprefs"). All other settings are rememered, applied and stored correctly (file type, color space, dpi). Only the bit depth is ignored and fixed to 16. Lightoom 3.6 does not show this behaviour and works correctly.

Edit: Correction: It is not "8 bits" that is ignored. It is *any* change of bit depth in the preferences dialog that is ignored. If the settings are changed to "8 bits" in a text editor (Windows: Use wordpad, not notpad, make a backup of the .agprefs file! Should normally not be done), LR will subsequently only use "8 bits" and will ignore any attempt to change it to "16 bits".

Edit 2: Additional Info: It seems to be that the preferences dialog simply ignores the change of the GUI field for bit depth. This can be seen at the additional external editors and using an existing unchanged preset: Changing the bit depth will not change the preset to "...(edited)" as it is the case when changing the other fields.