Lightroom: LR4 file image movement is not Catalog independent

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I use multiple Catalogs in LR, and I noticed today my hard drive kept being filled up when moving files around in one catalog to another. I came to discover that Lightroom is moving files and folders not in the catalog... but ANYWHERE in the file and directory structure below it..

So now due to this pretty serious bug I am going to be spending the rest of the day if not weekend trying to recover from this. Lightroom should only be moving files in the Library structure.. not everything under the directory structure.

The purpose of the cleanup was in preparation for a massive purge of the one catalog. Luckily I didn't get that far or I would have purged a huge number of photos I did not intend to purge.

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Posted 7 years ago

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To further eloborate.. I accidentally imported another catalog using my standard presets from another into the directory structure of it and I tried cleaning it up and ended up destroying both catalogs file structure.

Cat1->Images->Date->Unique Folder Name (Only visible to LR cat1)
Cat2->Images->Date->Unique Folder Name (Only visible to LR cat 2)

What happened when in Lightroom Cat2
Cat1->Images->Date->Cat 2 Unique File Name

To cleanup, In Lightroom Cat 2 I tried dragging the directory structure in LR to the proper lightroom cat 2 strcuture. What happened is that it moved Cat 1 & Cat's unique folder names to Cat 2's normal locations because I grabbed the date folder.. even though the other folders under Cat 1 were not even visible to that catalog. It ended up inter-mixing about 500 folders and 100s of gigs of data.
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Perhaps you are unaware that the "Folders" panel in Lightroom is the actual folder structure on your drive. Your files and folder are not "in Lightroom", they are on your drive in normal folders and are just referenced by Lightroom.
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I was more than aware of that.. but like any good Library management tool.. it should be able to move a single shelf within a library without moving the entire row of shelves.

Other tools only move the files linked to database.. not everything possibly in a file structure allowing me to having lots of files and directories interspersed for different projects but able to manipulate them independently without impact the other projects even though they share a general file structure because the databases are completely unaware of the other.
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To be honest, I cannot tell from your description:

What you were trying to do.
What you did.
What your file structure actually is.

Is it possible for you to provide a screen shot of:

The Lightroom folder's panels of both catalogs
A screen shot of the OS file structure from Finder/Explorer?