LR4, Camera RAW 6.7 RC 1: External edit delivers an image with incorrect luminance

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In a forum far, far away a member had a problem with LR 4 PV 2012 after external editing in CS 5.1. I was able to reproduce the problem.

Short description:
Set slider "Shadows" to a negative number, edit this file in CS 5.1 (via Camera RAW 6.7 RC 1, option "Open anyway"), just save and close the file and you will get back a file with different luminance.

My test environment:
- Clean and new Windows 7 Enterprise 64 bit (german) in a virtual machine (VMWare Player), patched + virus scanner installed.
- Photoshop CS 5.1 64 bit (german) as 30-days-testdrive.
- Camera RAW 6.7 RC 1
- Lightroom 4.0 (german) 64 bit, 30-days-testdrive
Configured as members settings:
-LR: External edit in CS as TIFF, 16 bit, sRGB
-CS: Colour settings sRGB, Grey Gamma 2.2

Member delivered a catalog with a single RAW + his settings (see image)
Opened in LR, marked image, "Edit in Photoshop CS 5.1", popup dialog box confirmed with "Open anyway". In Photoshop just closed the file and confirmed to save it.
Back in LR 4 TIFF and RAW appearance differed. Luminance is not the same.

Set slider "Shadows" to zero, run procedure above for a second time and both RAW and TIFF were identical.
Proof: Turned on 1:1 view, marked TIFF, made a display snapshot, loaded snapshot into CS. Marked RAW, made a second display snapshot, loaded into CS. Used second image as second layer with option "Difference" -> Black in viewing area, only minor difference visible in histogramm and - obviously - in some other frames.

Tests with no influence on result:
- Set colour space to Prophoto-RGB
- Deactivated Tone Curve, Details, Lens Correction
- "Exposure" slider zeroed

If necessary I have allowance to forward the catalog file (about 11 MByte) to Adobe Support Members.
If necessary I can try to transfer the virtual machine file as well. > 10 GByte.

If anything is unclear (germish is my strong side), please drop a word and I will try to solve the issue.

Ciao, Walter
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Posted 7 years ago

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I posted some examples here: It is not only the clarity that is affected like described in the other problem post. And I agree, both problems should be merged because this seems to be a fundamental interpretation problem of PV2012 in ACR 6.7.

By the way: The bug has already been logged in Adobes bug database by Benjamin Warde (see forum thread, reply 4).

Question @Adobe: It is still not clear to me whether we should report Beta or RC bugs in the user-to-user forum (as it is normally indicated on the labs pages), or here in the feedback forum.
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@LRuser24 - when we set up a separate forum for a beta (as with the Lightroom 4.0 beta), then that forum is the best for reporting bugs. For releases where we don't set up a separate forum, log bugs here.