LR4 (and 3.5) - no previews/thumbnails on secondary monitor

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Hi all,

I am experiencing a weird issue... I am on a Win7, 64-bit, Intel i5, 12GB RAM Dell Optiplex 980 with an AMD Radeon 3450 video card and dual Dell P2210H monitors (both set to 1920x1080 resolution). I recently upgraded to LR4 (from 3.5).

For some reason now, on the second monitor I see the underlying Lightroom window just fine, but there is only a black box (or gray box if it is Lightroom's main window on the secondary monitor) where the image should be. This is true regardless of whether it is Lightroom's "display 1" or "display 2" that I have placed onto the second monitor.

I usually keep both of Lightroom's displays set to full-screen. It has the problem when in full screen, but it also has the problem when the windows are not full screen, so I have attached some screen shots below of the latter to save space here.

I can slide the windows back and forth from my primary monitor to the second, and once I let go of the mouse, if the window is either fully or at least more than halfway onto the second monitor, the thumbnails/previews go away. If I scoot the window just a LITTLE bit further back onto the primary monitor to where a little more than half of it is on the primary monitor, the preview comes back and does show on both monitors.

I've rebooted, of course, and I also just got done updating the Radeon video drivers to the latest to see if that would make any difference. It did not. Neither did trying other monitor resolutions (it worked fine at this resolution in 3.5). I was thinking that this was just an issue with LR4, but I just cranked back up 3.5 and see that I am experiencing the problem there as well now. It definitely was not a problem before I upgraded. I actually do not recall noticing this pretty glaring problem immediately after upgrading, either... I honestly did not play with either version very much after the upgrade (which I did on the day that LR4 was released). I am pretty sure this would have jumped out at me though in the time that I did spend with it. I DID make one change to LR4 several days after installing... I had tried to buy the LR4 upgrade directly from Adobe's website the day it was released and could not get the payment to process for whatever reason. I proceeded to run it in evaluation mode for several days and ordered a retail version from Amazon when it was available there. I then plugged that CD key in to the evaluation version that I already had running. It seemed perfectly happy to accept that key so I doubt that it is related, but that was really the last interaction I had with LR until I started trying to do another batch of images tonight. So it is at least conceivable that it started at that time, but I honestly wasn't paying enough attention to say one way or another, so take that with a grain of salt.

Any ideas?? Many thanks!


The very top and very bottom screen shots below are from the secondary monitor. The two middle screen shots are the same windows moved back over to the primary monitor. I can move them back and forth over and over and I get the same results. The results are also the same regardless of the mode that either LR display is in (grid, loupe, live, normal, etc)

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