LR4.1 Preview Problems - Dev and Library modes show different previews + Silver Efex

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Previews in Develop and Library mode are not the same. This is mostly evident with B&W files re-imported from Nik Silver-Efex2. In Silver Efex you adjust them to look correct. When they return to LR (as Tiff's) the contrast jumps to something different. So, you go to Develop mode, adjust it again (not knowing if what you are seeing on screen is correct or not). Then switching between Library Mode (E) and Dev mode (D) gives two separate versions of the preview. Who knows which one is really correct. Thing is, if you then export the image, it would appear that it exports the image as seen in Library mode. Meaning, that all your adjustments, made via your eyes in Dev mode - have been a waste of time.

This seems to have been an issue for some time now - as I have previously reported it. LR4.1 has not cured it.

On a similar note. Once you reimport the image from Nik Silver Efex into LR. If you then adjust the BLACKS to try and bring some of them back to how they should be. The following happens. Shift Click down a couple of times. Wait - Shift Click down again. Nothing happens - the screen flashes a preview change. i.e. screen redraws the preview. But then cancels any second presses of the down arrow. So the result instead of being for instance -30 - shoots back to -20. This happens with the Clarity slider too. Its REALLY annoying. I work on a lot of images at a time and work fast. What's annoying is LR makes the adjustment - its shows in the numbers that its made it - but all of a sudden the preview refreshing itself wipes that number out and replaces it with the previous number. Makes editing images very slow. Add this to the previews looking different in Dev and Library - and working with Silver Efex and B&W images is a nightmare.

I can't' be the only one experiencing this.
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