Lightroom: LR 4 user interface, and Develop slider response very sluggish

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I updated from LR3 to LR4.0 yesterday and I observe a significant delay when I move sliders in the develop module. the delay exceeds often one second. It is not possible to use LR4 with this behavior. In LR3 no such delay happened.
I use WIN64 ultra a quad core @ 2.83GHz. 4MB RAM.
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  • extremely frustrated

Posted 8 years ago

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It's not better in LR5. It uses up even more memory.
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What if you optimize your catalog? File -> Optimize catalog -- does that help?
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Quite silent on this topic. Can 5.0 users report any good news?
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I didn't have the performance problems with Lr4 which are the subject of this thread, but Lr5 seems to be more responsive, in general (no scientific study...). Whether it will be better for *YOU* nobody can tell - you'll just have to try it. Many people say it's better, but some say it's worse...
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No, while I am new user to Lightroom I can report that 5 and 5.2RC are ridiculously slow compared to Google's Picasa. At least as far as importing images are concerned.

I have tried all of the performance tips I could find but to no avail.

Contrary to the opinion from Glenn Spring above, this is not just "whining". it's a real problem and Adobe really doesn't care as they really don't have to.

To them, it's a small minority of us who are experiencing performance issues but not enough of us for them to bother fixing it.

I chatted with an Adobe tech and spoke to one on the phone about issues I was having getting images into my local catalog from a server. They both said that "images on servers were NOT supported and since images can be imported from my local drive then there was nothing wrong with their software"

This is public face of Adobe. It shows their arrogance and refusal to acknowledge that they might be having issues.

I stopped using Adobe products years ago because of this very attitude. I only tried Lightroom at the insistence of friend who was singing it's praises.

He also had far fewer images than me and kept them all local. He also uses the software far less than me so performance is not a issue to him.

It's also typical of the Adobe community. If you find their products to be clunky, slow, counter intuitive, overly complicated and poorly written then it must be YOUR fault as a user. I have been producing professional photographs, graphics and illustrations without ever touching Photoshop, Lightroom or Illustrator.

Sorry, but there are other great tools out there that cost far less and can out perform Adobe software in ease of use, access to features and performance.

Don't believe me? Then why is Adobe moving all of their software to the cloud? They think that they have enough customers locked into to their software that can essentially stop selling it just rent it costing their customers more in the long run with no tangible product to show for it.
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Seems like Lightroom has some serious problems. See this test.
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The time of Adobe seems to be past. Let's travel forward.
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Just had a similar issue which i manged to resolve by reducing the lightroom process priority to "Below Average". Sounds counter intuitive but i can explain to anyone who wants to hear a in depth technical explanation.

this is my post, hopefully it solve somes ones problem