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After working with LR since the first version and using it every day ... at this point I need to put in my 2 cents - I got a few suggestions re: handling in Lightroom. Cannot for the life of me figure out how come no software developer ever thought about improving these workflow details! Every update//upgrade I’m looking for these things to have improved but no luck:(

Import function:
there should be the possibility to establish a “root” directory to import into and it shouldn’t just default to the last folder you imported to, because no one wants to import to an “old” folder! Every time I need to import photos I have to, via > arrow, go to >other destination, find my drive>year> and add a new folder. I should have the option of setting that drive and that subfolder, like 2017 as my root import folder. Then all I have to do is add a new folder, like yymmdd and change the root folder next year.

Dots that mark active tools in the develop module:
the dots that appear when you pull in a gradient or use other tools in that menu always appear as grey when not active and black when active. As an aerial photographer grey is the worst color I cannot ever see that dot. There should be a way to change the color of that dot! I’d rather have it be red or yellow so that I can see it! Black isn’t that great either!

Customizing menus/toolbars:
why not make the toolbars/menus customizable? I rarely use SLIDESHOW or BOOK, why can’t I simply make these options disappear or move to the back so I’m faster with getting to WEB which I use often. I never use the REDEYE tool, why can’t I simply make it disappear?

Develop module:
I never use SPLIT TONING or EFFECTS or TONE CURVE and would luv to see them disappear from my sidebar, so I have more space to open the other menu options. Couldn't you let me make them invisible? Also, I cannot grab a menu and move it up, like TRANSFORM to right under BASIC

Use of the arrow key on keyboards:
I would like to use my keyboard arrow keys to move to the next image when I’m in DEVELOP. But instead it takes a few points off my last adjustment. It’s all fine if folks want to use their arrow keys that way, but for me I simply like to use these keys to move back and forth between shots, so I don’t have to use my pen. It would be great if there is a way to define my arrow keys that way under preferences.

 Those are some basic things that would really improve my workflow. And if its good for me its good for millions of users too! I would really appreciate it if you pass these suggestions on to your development team.

Thanks a mill! Sibylle


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Hi Sibylle. Your requests are likely to get noticed more if they're separate threads. That way people can vote on the requests they like.

For your arrows, try Ctrl arrow (Windows) / Cmd arrow (Mac) instead. That's the "proper" shortcut for moving between images, so it works more reliably.

For your unused panels, right-click on the panel heading and uncheck them in the menu to hide them.

For your unused modules, right-click on them in the module picker and hide them too.
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As Victoria says, these work much better as one post/idea. It allows us to track individual requests and accumulate 'me-toos' on a feature by feature basis. 
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But as far as making certain features "invisible" is concerned, all you have to do is right-click on one of the headers such as Basic or Tone Curve, etc. and in the context menu uncheck the features that you don't want displayed.
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And I import to the same folder quite often when importing. I may download a dozen cards (or more) from myself and my staff in the course of a day's work at an event.

Workflow ideas and improvements for Lightroom can't really be a one-size-fits-all attitude. The user base for Lightroom is quite large and quite diverse.

I have no issue with Adobe adding your idea to Lr, as long as it is an option.

As pointed out, many of your ideas have already been implemented some time ago.

Because they are rather useless, I have Slideshow, Web, Book and Maps (I really don't need the latter) turned off all the time. If Adobe ever sees fit to make those modules truly useful, I'd be more than happy to turn them back on and use them..