LR says photo is missing, but it's not

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I synchronized a folder (just to make sure that nothing had snuck into the folder that I didn't know about), and Lightroom Classic CC (Macintosh) says that there is a missing photo in the folder. I choose Show Missing Photos, and a collection with that photo is created. I then right click on the photo and choose "Show in Finder", and the photo shows in the Finder. The folder has 5 photos (seen in Finder) and 5 photos in Lightroom too.

Any thought about how a photo can be "missing," but Lightroom still knows where it is?

I guess I could delete it and add it again, but, first, what gives?
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Posted 2 years ago

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This could be caused by a problem known as the 'Capitalisation problem' or 'Case Sensitive problem'. Basically, the problem is this: MacOS X and Windows are case-insensitive. That means that you could have two folders, called 'folder' and 'FOLDER' (or any other combination with some caps). To MacOS X and Windows, this is one and the same folder. But Lightroom is case-sensitive, so to Lightroom there are indeed two different folders. In this case, I've seen this happening when people use Dropbox to sync folders, and don't realise that on one computer that username is in all lower case, and on the other it contains a capital letter. For example 'Alan' and 'alan'.
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Hi Johan and Rikk

Thanks for the diagnosis, but it turns out that this is not what is going on.

I have a folder of jpg images, and I then edited two of them and saved these files as TIFFs. (I have some smart layers in the TIFFs that I don't want to lose, but I also don't want to lose the source jpg). I saved the TIFF as the same name as the JPEG.

You can see that now Lightroom is treating the jpg and TIFF as "the same file," and the jpg is now an orphaned file. But the jpg isn't really orphaned: if I chose "Show in Finder" it pops up, if I change metadata in the jpg using Lightroom, the metadata in the file changes. Interestingly, if I change metadata in the "TIF+JEPG" image in Lightroom, the metadata is changed for the TIFF but not for the jpg. The only way that the file is "orphaned" is that when I synchronize the folder with these files, Lightroom says that the jpg is missing.

The work-around is obvious: just rename the TIFF so it isn't the same as the jpg.

Two questions for you:

1) Is there some setting, like the raw + jpg preference, that controls this merging of TIFF + jpg files?

2) Should I report this as a bug? I doubt it will get fixed, since I haven't seen anyone else complain, and maybe somebody out there expects behavior like this.

This behavior has caused me to waste quite a bit of time until I understood what was going on.



PS--Johan. Thanks for pointing out the capitalization problem. Dropbox is really inconsistent about restoring capitalization, and it drives me crazy. But these files are not in a folder managed by Dropbox.
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