Lightroom Classic is still slow

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I find on my SSD 2017 27" iMac that everything is still what I'd call slow regarding the "new" Classic LR CC.
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Matthew Zory

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Posted 2 years ago

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@Matthew, any specific workflow having the slowness issue?
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Matthew Zory

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The video linked is one example. Usually it doesn't hang for so long. I'd just opened it so maybe that was the issue with that. But the blinking screen is USUAL when clicking the shortcut "I". As I run into other examples I'll try and recreate on video. 
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Matthew Zory

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Thanks for asking. When I get a bit of time what I'd like to do is video working in LR and send it. There's quite a bit of hangs and screen blinks, etc. I don't have the issue in any other apps. Had it in LR formally known as LR CC as well.
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Todd Dixon

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It's not just "slow", it's worse than before.  I am experiencing severe memory leaks causing me to hard stop & restart "Classic" LR several times today.

I spent about 6 hours processing 2000 photos today, and had to restart Classic LR about 6 or 7 times.

Before I "upgraded" (heh) I could process about the same amount of photos without having to stop & restart...

Also, the "performance" improvements are smoke & mirrors.  Using the embedded previews requires you to re-import photos, which takes forever.

Consider the following case (probably edge case, I admit).

I have imported about 20000 photos into my previous Lightroom Catalog in 2017.  When I upgraded, I still had 12000 photos outstanding to post-process.  (Before anyone tries to flame me to being tardy with client photos... these are just personal photos we take on vacation etc).

I immediately found that I couldn't take advantage of embedded previews, with no easily identifiable way of enabling this without re-importing my photos.  So, I took a weekend trip to Pondicherry, India as a test (~1800 photos) and the import took more than 4 hours to complete with embedded previews enabled. I can't explicitly state a deterministic time because I went to bed after 4 hours had elapsed and it was stilling the process of importing... and we processed the photos today.

Just for reference, I have an Intel i7-4790 64-bit processor and 32 GB RAM installed on my Windows 10 64 bit Professional install and both my primary (system) disk and my "working" disk are both SSD, with a NVidia 980 GTX video card.  Perhaps my hardware is the reason.

Once imported, today, my wife and I began culling & post-processing our images.  Once every 45 minutes or so, I had to kill Lightroom and restart it, because of a massive memory leak.  Memory usage for lightroom would shoot up to around 30% (10 GB!!!!).  It shouldn't take 30 seconds to apply a preset for sharpening. 

Worst part is that we only got through ~600 images (out of more than 1800)... the prospect of having to spend an hour or more per 100 photos when before it was half that is disheartening.  And I don't mean an hour to keep 100 photos... this includes culling.  Say, for instance, we take 100 photos between us, we may keep 10 total... so we "process" 100 and the output is 10 post-processed images... and this takes an hour now whereas before, it would take us 20 minutes or so.

I have to say that as of now, I'm very disappointed in the performance "improvements".  What good are any functional improvements if the product itself takes even longer than before to complete your normal workflow?
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It is mind-boggling that Adobe releases software with such issues still in it ... unless they don't really care
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A completely Spec'd out machine, and still basic tasks in Lightroom still prove to be a challenge.  Adobe sure is telling the competition that they've given up.  How long does it take before Adobe gets it? Never. 
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Adobe is driving users into the open arms of the competition. Maybe LR is a dead product to them. They do make other very fine, sophisticated software that just works. They have the capability but it isn't being used on LR.