LR CCC Import process Embedded+Sidecar is Buggy and SLOWER than molasses!

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I've used LR CCC three times (3 photo shoots) since it was released.

1) Tried the new import Embedded+Sidecar.  Waited several minutes. It appeared to be hung.  Rebooted. Tried again and successfully imported.  Took FOREVER to finish importing.  (I didn't expect this, so I didn't set out to time it, I'm just reporting what I found).

2) Next day, I did my normal process - I imported MINIMAL previews.  This is extremely fast.  Several hundred images can import this way in mere seconds.  I then culled with ACDSee (it's similar to PhotoMechanic). Then built my previews based on the images I culled via ACDSee.  Everything went pretty smoothly (similar to LR before the upgrade to CCC).

3) Today I decided to give Embedded+Sidecar another chance. This time with the intention of documenting what was going on.  I started the import.  The progress bar gave no indication that anything was happening, but still I gave it about 5 minutes before I tried to stop it (clicking the 'x' on the import process). That closed the dialog, but left the Import option grayed out and Task Manager showed it was still hitting the CPU at about 26%. So I exited out of LR. Only ... it didn't really exit. The program closed, but according to Task Manager it was still running at about 26%. I let that run a few more minutes (9 minutes total) before I killed LR via TaskManager. Then I restarted LR. And even though the import dialog never showed that any images had been imported, it turned out that 47 (out of 449) had imported. So ... I restarted the import process.  I should mention that my workflow is to copy all of the images to my m.2 SSD drive (a very FAST SSD) and import from there (rather than importing from my cards). The import finally finished.  Total time spent: 18 minutes!

Now, even though LR has spent 18 minutes importing the images and supposedly generating "embedded previews" (what the heck for?!?) flipping between images in Library mode still shows some lag.  

I find it almost laughable that Adobe tried to compare the new process to PhotoMechanic.  I'm not using PM, I'm using ACDSee, but I'm pretty sure they are very comparable in terms of speed.  The thing is, there's just NO comparison.

With ACDSee, I point the program at a directory full of these same 449 images.  There is no import process (no 18 minute delay) and I can start flipping (quickly!) between images almost right away. And zooming to 100% on the images is also super fast.  

Come on Adobe.  Let's see you put some *real* effort into speeding up the process.
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Posted 1 year ago

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Hey David, I too find a slowness with the Import/Side Car in my case I had only 15 pictures and it tool a wile. The system seems like it was a sleep it too a while to respond. and that new dialog box to click to render full images didn't work. I had to go back an create new previews.  I wonder how many folks are on the beta team. I think Adobe needs to open this up to a larger group. So many issues since Tuesday.
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We are sorry that the embedded preview is not working as intended in your computer.
Could you please give us a little more information about your computer?
Copy and paste the content from Help > System Info.
Also, let us know the type of  raw images you are  importing. (the camera info)