Lightroom CC: Crop is slow on hi-end PC

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Hi there!
I'm a little bit confused, I have a hi-end computer: 6core i7 5930K CPU, fastest drives on the market- Samsung 950 PRO 512GB and Samsung 850 PRO 1TB, 32GB 3000MHz RAM plus Titan X Pascal graphics card (I know GPU might not give a massive impact on overall workflow but just mentioning it so you know it's not a bottleneck here), also few 4TB HDDs for file backups. No matter what drive I use for my files- 950 PRO or 850 PRO, or even 7200rpm HDD, with cache size of 100GB on SSD, my workflow is still laggy and buggy- especially when using crop tool, for example. I've tried all optimisations, catalogue preview 1:1 builds and other tips from forums, like preview resolution and removing XMP tick and other things, nothing really helps, it's still laggy.
Is there any real solution for that or it's just Adobe who can't make their professional software lag free? I know there are even better CPUs around- 6950X for example- and if it was the reason I'd upgrade it immediately, but I recently came from my previous 4790K and haven't noticed any workflow improvement at all, exporting is much faster, but not workflow, even though on X99 system I have Samsung 950 PRO which is about 3-5x times faster than 850 PRO I had on my previous build.
It is really annoying as I have loads of pictures every week and even shooting in mRAW res sometimes, it doesn't make any big difference in editing workflow, only reduces export time.
Any ideas will be greatly appreciated, I'm slightly panicking already- spent money on a PC upgrade and don't see a noticeable improvement on my everyday workflow.
Thank you!
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Posted 3 years ago

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Same issues here!  Not a happy camper.
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Me too. i7-6900K @4 GHz, GTX1070, 32 GB 2933-DDR4. Always a fresh catalogue for each single Project. No GPS, no Face Detection. 50 Gig of Preview Cache on PCIe-SSD. Project on a Samsung 850 Evo 1TB.
It's a pity.
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> my workflow is still laggy and buggy- especially when using crop tool, for example

Let's have more specifics... what EXACTLY is slow.
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Crop tool isn't specific? 
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Crop tool is beautifully specific, but is that the only thing you're having performance problems with? You're saying "my workflow is still laggy and buggy" so I'm thinking there's probably more than just the crop tool being laggy, and knowing where else you're seeing lags may be just the clue we need.

And what specifically about the crop tool? Waiting for it to open? Does it jump when trying to move it around? Just when changing the angle, or when changing the sides, or...

While we're on the subject, what kind of pointing device are you using? For example, there have been issues with some Wacom drivers.
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Hi KK87,  that hardware you have is a beast and definetly should not have that lag you said, so maybe there are some changes in the config of your computer that might speed up the workflow.

Have you tried any of these:
Since you are working with SSD drive, have you diisable the hiberfil.sys and pagefile.sys, if you have not do it, that will boost the performance of  your SSD.
Renaming the Lightroom Preferences File: 20-50% Improvement
For Windows 7/Vista:

1. Hit Start and type in "%appdata%"
2. Open the Adobe Folder
3. Open the Lightroom Folder
4. Open the Preferences Folder
5. Rename the "Lightroom 4 Preferences.agprefs" file to something else 
   (like "old_lightroom 4 preferences.agprefs")
6. Restart Lightroom

Most likely this will have killed a few of your preferences, but you can 
always go back in and change them. If you go back into your Preferences 
folder you will notice that Lighroom has created a new Preferences File. 
I'm not sure why this improves the performance so much, but hey, I'm not 
gonna complain! Note: This may need to be done every few months to keep 
the performance improvement, but I haven't tested things that far yet. 
If this doesn't help feel free to go back and rename your old file and 
delete the next one Lightroom created.

Changing the BIOS Memory Option from Turbo to Extreme: 20-30% Improvement

Note this is an option only for Gigabyte motherboards. There may be a similar 
setting available from other motherboard manufactures, but your on your own for that.

1. Boot into your BIOS (on my computer you restart and press delete frequently 
before the computer boots to windows)
2. Go to MB Intelligent Tweaker
3. Go to Advanced Memory Settings
4. Under Performance Enhance change the option to "Extreme"

I'm not exactly sure what this is changing inside the computer (all my clock settings 
remained the same) but whatever it did, performance was noticeably improved. I haven't 
noticed any stability issues in the past week of having this setting changed either.

If your on a Mac, I doubt the fine people at Apple have something like this for you to 
change, but let me know if there is so I can add it to this!

Creating a New Lighroom Catalog: 5-10% Improvement

1. Open up Lightroom
2. Go to File -> New Catalog

Over time Lighroom Catalog's get clogged up with all the information about your files. 
Creating a new one from time to time, especially if you are a heavy user, can improve 

Putting your Lightroom Cache on a Solid State Drive (SSD): 5-10% Improvement

1. Open up Lighroom
2. Go to Edit --> Preferences
3. Click on the File Handling Tab
4. Under the Camera Raw Cache Settings, change the location to be on your solid state 
(most likely C: Drive)

Allocating More Memory to the Cache File: 

1. Open up Lighroom
2. Go to Edit --> Preferences
3. Click on the File Handling Tab
4. Under the Camera Raw Cache Settings increase the cache file size (see above screenshot). 
I have mine at 20GB.

Some people have reported this helps, I personally haven't noticed a difference.

Overclocking Computer:

I'm not going to go into a lot of details here, because there are a lot of great resources 
else ware on the internet. This can damage your computer if you don't know what your doing 
but it can improve performance of your entire computer across the board.

Turning off automatic write to XMP Option in Catalog Settings: 

All the Adobe teachers say to do this to improve performance, but I just haven't seen a 
big difference. I have gotten the warning that Lightroom isn't finished writing the .xmp 
files when I go to exit after a lot of editing, and I imagine this will fix that issue if 
that bothers you. Note: you will need to manually save your .xmp files if you want the 
changes to be visable out of lightroom.

1. Open up Lightroom
2. Go to Edit --> Catalog Settings
3. Under the Metadata Tab, Uncheck "Automatically write changes to XMP"

These are a few tips I have found over the years, in different forums, and websites .
Hope it helps.
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Stefan Redel

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I did that some months ago and it was the most worst i ever did. Deleting the Prefs and beginning at zero.
Don't know why, but it was even slower here and there than before. Ridicolous.
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I am sorry to hear that,  For me it did work every time, but is good to know that not all the times works...
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If after renaming the file, and restarting Lightroom, you see that make it worst like for Stefan Rede, you can always restore it to the original name  and once you restart the Lightroom... is like nothing has ever happened, but I believe is worth it the try.
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Lightroom is a catastropy
 ( regarding clear overview/ RATIONAL TRANSPARENCY of data location and handling also for matters of understanding backup strategies, lack of (flow) spreadsheets (to choose from personalizable preferences regarding options for speed or backup issues).   
It is quite excellent for rendering captive: I never dared to switch away from it even though I use it professionally since version 1 because I dont know(!)of anything better - but Lightroom for me is a lifelong nightmare regarding ever returning multiple lagging issues never really solved.
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One tip that is not often mentioned, is to make sure you exclude all LR files - .lrcat, .lrprev, .lrfprev, and your acr cache folder, and your image files - .nef, .jpg, .psd, or .tif etc - from being scanned by your virus checker. I use Windows Defender and it is easy enough to exclude files or folders from scanning each time they are opened.

Bob frost

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Have you tried disabling "Use Graphics Processor" under Preferences > Performance... and restart Lightroom. Is cropping faster?