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The LR/CC 1.0  search box (top center) is woefully insufficient to the point of uselessness,  Apparently when you type words in this box, the system fills the request by looking a image content (AI), keywords, titles, captions, location info, and perhaps other things as well such as album names which is not clear.  

This results in searches returning as many non relevant images as relevant ones.   For example, I search for "Mountain" and in addition to mountain images I get images of bears, lakes, my wife, a hotel room, etc.  It seems the culprit in this case is a keyword in my LR/Classic "trip" keyword structure named "2015-06 Rocky Mountain Trip".   All the images from that trip are tagged with this keyword (even though that KW is marked 'do not export') so every image from that trip is returned when I search for "Mountain".  this is no an isolated case, 

We need a set of checkbox options near the search text box where you can restrict what classes of info are used in the search.  Here's such a list of check boxes that come to mind: 

- Check All

- Image content

- enter keywords

- Will Export Keywords

- All Keywords

- Titles

- Captions

- Location metadata

- Other metadata

It also appears that if you have multiple words in the search box they are in and "And" relationship (match all).  Really need an advanced search mode where we have full boolean logic capability.  

Dumbing down the search with fancy technology like "sensei" is nice for beginners but turns out to be a detriment to advanced users who (god forbid) know what they are doing and have spent year fine tuning keywords and other metadata to allow searches to zero in on what is desired.
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