Lightroom Classic: Option to stop syncing photos in a Collection when that Collection is stopped from syncing

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Bring back the possibility to stop a Collection from being synced AND stop photos in that Collection from being synced as well, in one-step.

Since LR CC 2015.7 this happens when you stop syncing a Collection (clicking the little sync icon or deselecting Sync with Lightroom Mobile via mouse contextual menu):

(Now you have to go and find those photos in that Collection from All Synced Photographs and remove them from there. Too many steps, too cumbersome and too easy to make a user error.)

There still is the requested option to remove photos at the same time when you delete a Synced Collection instead of just stopping it from syncing:

That same option should appear for just stopping the Collection being synced as well.

The first dialog for stopping a Collection from being synced is messy altogether as it asks if the user wants to "Stop syncing these photos?" but the button for doesn't actually stop syncing the photos and instead keeps those photos synced to LR Mobile and Web and just stops syncing the Collection name.

So at least more correct title could be "Stop syncing this Collection?" and that's not enough as there needs to be a way to stop syncing a Collection AND stop syncing photos in that Collection, in one step (unless they are part of another Synced Collection).
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Posted 4 years ago

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I agree with Anssi that this is a point of confusion and frustration.

Simply put, unsyncing a collection should automatically unsync the photos it contains unless those photos are in another synced collection.

No need to keep referring to "All Synced Photos"
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This is still a pain. As someone noticed before: "When a photo is not part of any Synced Collection it should not be synced". This folder "all synced photographs" leads me to confusion again an again. May be there are solutions, but in reality I end up with too much photos on my mobile device and it happened to me that I deleted photos accidentally from important collections by removing them from "all synced photographs".
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I wholeheartedly agree with the original poster here. The current behavior is frustrating and wrong. Photos that can be adding to sync as part of a collection should be removable from sync as part of a collection. As it is, the process for safely removing photos from sync is a 7 step process when it should be a single step process. I cannot figure out why anyone would want it to work the way it does now.

For the record, here is the simplest process I know that works right now:

1) Using the mostly hidden filter tool in the collections panel, select "Synced Collections" (click on the magnifying glass)
2) Individually select each of the synced collections. (Note: You don't want to select any collection sets here since that will end up selecting all the photos in that collection set, not just those from the visible collections)
3) Select all photos that are visible (all synced photos that are in a synced collection)
4) Select the "All Synced Photographs" collection which should maintain the selection.
5) In the Edit menu, select "Invert Selection"
6) Review selection to make extra sure nothing is selected incorrectly
7) Use the context menu to select "Remove from All Synced Photos"
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> I cannot figure out why anyone would want it to work the way it does now.

For people who are primarily cloud/mobile users, the current setup makes really good sense - why would they want their photos removed from the cloud just because they stopped syncing a collection (especially when the photo may be in many collections).

For people who originate on desktop and are just using the cloud for a specific purpose, the current behavior makes a lot less sense, especially for those who have limited bandwidth.

It's just a difference of perspective and starting point. Which is right is anyone's guess. Adobe had to pick one, based on their userbase stats. With enough votes on this request, their choice may change. I won't argue whether the current choice is right or wrong, but sometimes it helps to understand the reasoning. 
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Jonathan, thanks for the hint "the mostly hidden filter tool" – I always was hoping for such a filter and was not aware, that it already exists. Should study LR again with a magnifying glass ... let's see, what can be found ;-)
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As Victoria said, current way for managing Synced Collections in LIGHTROOM DESKTOP is designed for MOBILE USERS. That's insane. There got to be other way.
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Thanks Jonathan! Didn't know you can filter Collections to show only Synced Collections via clicking on magnifying glass. Helps a lot.

As for need to manually select each of the Synced Collection to be able to select all photos that are part of a Synced Collection, I have to say, again, that's insane.

I have 438 Synced Collections. What's Adobe's suggested workflow to remove photos from sync, you may ask. To manually remove photos not wanted to be synced from  All Synced Photographs collection. So, I go on and follow Jonathan's advice and first filter only Synced Collections to be shown, then mouse click 438 times to select each Synced Collection, select all visible photos, select All Synced Photographs collection, Invert Selection and choose Remove from All Synced Photographs.

That's no good.

(Yes, I needed to count the total of my Synced Collections by hand as LR doesn't have the function to select all Synced Collections and let the user know how many Collections are currently selected.)
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Jonathan Goforth - thank you for saving me hours of frustration. It worked!