LR 6.9 - The Diva of photo processing programs

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I am shooting hundreds of stills and high end product shots right now and Lightroom's Diva behavior is getting on my nerves again big times!

I started the project three days ago with a brand new catalogue, 0 images. Yesterday I was finalizing around 50 images. I have to do quite a bit of spotting brush work to get rid of sensor dust that shows on clean surfaces or the background.
Spotting brush is very laggy, takes anything from three to five second until it can be used for the next spot. During that time it is like frozen. Annoying. Everything else seems fine. By the time I am at image 40, suddenly the spotting brush works much snappier again, I can do clicks and almost instantly go to the next spot. Well, that feels like good old LR 3.x times again;-)
But wait, now the little preview image on the upper left in the develop module does not refresh anymore. It still shows an image that was done 20 minutes ago. Well, I guess I have to accept that and be happy, that my spotting brush is snappier again.

Today I am finalizing another batch of around 40 images. LR is slow today. I guess it has it's period or a bad day or whatever, I don't know. The whole application is just slow as far as moving from one image to another is concerned, zooming into 100%, moving down the mouse to have LR display the row of thumbnails takes seconds and it all has a sticky feeling to it. Nothing is snappy except: All the adjustment sliders work fine, real time, spotting brush is also quite snappy and no comparison to yesterday, when it has it's very bad day I guess.

So, what do I make of this? My catalogue has close to 100 images right now and LR is behaving like a god damn Diva. I am really fed up with posting these issues on this forum, because I do not get the notion, that anybody really cares and things are being addressed!

The last version of Lightroom, that was working fine and did not have these problems was LR 3. The problem with LR 6 is, that I can open a 20.000 pic catalogue and all will work just fine and snappy. Then I set up a new LR catalogue with not even 100 images and the program is hardly usable. If I waste 2 minutes waiting for the spotting brush on every image, then I wasted over three hours on 100 images. And I do have a few hundred more images to go. So, until my project is finished, I will probably have wasted about two full working days just waiting for my god damn LR Diva to react on my input.

I certainly will and can not bill that time to my client, but at least I wasted another half hour now to rant on the Adobe forum about this condition of their software to get into a better mood myself again! Time for a coffee now and then back to LR freezing laggy spotting tool.

@the Adobe people here: Please don't start giving me clues and suggestions about what I should and could try! I heard enough of that stuff and I have read so many posts from people who have the most potent and up to date computers for LR and are complaining about the same stuff and even worse things. It is not the damn machine.
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Posted 2 years ago

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Can you please go to Help menu > System Info and post the contents so the engineers can see your system specs. That may offer some clues. Thanks.
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Try capture one if you can cope with trying something new. It is super fast on high end CPUs, and the raw processing is better, but their catalogue functionality is lacking compared to lightroom, if your workflow is project oriented then you should be fine.
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Peter, I am confused why you don't just switch to Photoshop to edit your images. I have read elsewhere that Lightroom can be quite laggy when multiple spotting adjustments are applied. (I haven't experienced this because I move to Photoshop when I have "heavy lifting" to do). Given its editing model, it wouldn't be surprising that Lightroom would be slow in some circumstances--and perhaps you have just found them. Many of us feel that Photoshop is the premiere photo editing software (I haven't tried capture one)--so why not do that rather than bashing your head against a wall?