Looking for an Update on Lightroom CC Experience

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Hi all,

I'm interested to hear how Lightroom CC has progress since I left it and returned to Classic.

At the time, I had three main points of concern that I outlined on my blog (https://hikingwithcamera.com/2018/a-review-of-lightroom-cc/):

1. Reliability
Not sure if this has been addressed. But with the addition of merging panoramas and HDR, I at least don't need to go to outside apps as often, which may reduce some of the issues I had previously. Though I still feel it's hard to have a big picture on all your photos without them being arranged into a set of folders like in Lightroom.

2. Ability to recover from mistakes
I think the ability to recover from mistakes has been addressed in a basic fashion with Trash. And the addition of the "no album" feature does allow you to at least figure out if one of your photos is not in any albums. Though if you remove a photo from an album, but it's still in another album, it could be very hard to find it again. Especially if you have manually created metadata albums (like 5-star photos, etc.). 

3. Portability of my data
This is the one that I'm doubtful will ever be addressed. At least with LR Classic, I can export all my edits in the folders that they already reside in as JPEGs (should I need to move to another photo manager for any reason).

I'm just curious if my read on the current state as far as those main issues is correct. Or if others have additional insights.

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Posted 1 month ago

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In short. CC and Classic are two different beasts. Increasingly non interchangeable. Work with Classic if you don’t want/need the cloud. Or mobile. Work with CC if you do.
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If only it were that simple.