Lightroom: Watermark not always appearing on exported images

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Lightroom 3.4.1, Windows7 64bit

In Lightroom versions past, there was a strange bug which affected the Watermark feature. Putting it as concisely as I can, certain fonts (not all) when chosen for the Watermark feature would sometimes cause the text NOT to appear on export....this 'non-appearance' was controlled by a combination of the pixel size of the image being applied to, and the proportional size selected in the Watermark settings. Somewhat strangely, for affected fonts the larger the pixel size of the image then the smaller the proportional size needed to be. And just to make matters even more complicated, there was little consistency between affected fonts.

I had initially thought the problem had been fixed in the 3.3 update. I had not been personally affected, my chosen font did not suffer from this problem, and my familiarity with the issue only stemmed from trying to trouble-shoot it in conjunction with a few others (e.g. John Beardsworth) over at LightroomForums.

However, a few days ago a new member reported a problem with 'non-appearance of her Watermark when using a downloaded font (Fiera da Fruta)'. On investigation and testing it appeared remarkably similar to the previous problem (and yes, I am at 3.4.1). So I decided to dig a little deeper and discovered that the same problem occurs at least with the Lucida Handwriting font (which was one of the fonts implicated last year).


Using a 1600x1200 image, a watermark using Lucida Handwriting with proportional size of 32 does not show in the exported file.
Drop the proportional size down to 24 or below, and it does.
Using a 5616x3744 image, I had to drop the proportional size all the way down to 4 to get the watermark to appear.

Other fonts, e.g. Arial, which were also affected last year seem to be OK (I pushed the proportional size all the way up to 72 and it still appeared on my largest image).

Conclusion, the 3.3. 'fix' apparently didn't fix all fonts....there is still a problem in this area.

Can anyone confirm?
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Posted 9 years ago

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Some but not all of the issues reported here are likely caused by this bug:

LR CC 2015 doesn't put the watermark on the thumbnails that are embedded in exported JPEGs. This causes Windows 8.1 File Explorer to show the thumbnail of an exported pic without the watermark. Finder on OS X 10.10 doesn't use these embedded thumbnails and thus isn't affected by the bug; but previous versions of the Finder may have used the embedded thumbnails (and thus not displayed watermarks).
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Hi Good Morning 
 I have an problem when i go to export my watermarking disappear i cant check mark it what i must do to get it back i have Light room 6