Lightroom: Two-stage Softproof (intermediate transfer file + actual printer)?

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When printing with LR, a common case should be that the photo is printed into a JPEG file to be transferred to a printing service. The JPEG file is mostly (but not always) in a standard color space such as sRGB.

When softproofing in photoshop, it is possible to convert the photo to the JPEG's color space before, so one can see the effects of this conversion in the softproof, too (except for the out-of-gamut warnings related to the sRGB conversion of course). However, in LR this is not possible because the working color space is always a huge theoretical space (ProPhoto with gamma 1.0 internally, and with sRGB-gamma for histogram and RGB values) that is not changeable.

The idea is: A two-stage soft proof: Two profiles can be selected, first the intermediate profile (for the file transfer to the printing service) and secondly the destination profile (the actual printer profile). The softproof would only show the final conversion (i.e. internal working space -> intermediate profile -> printer profile), as if it was one single conversion. Of course, the intermediate profile should be optional.

Note: I am not really sure whether this idea really makes sense or not. It simply occurred to me that strictly speaking it is currently not possible to obtain a preview of a print using an intermediate sRGB JPEG that takes into account the color space limitations of both sRGB and the printer profile as compared to the LR working space.

What do you think? And don't save on criticism (as I said, I am not really sure).
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