Lightroom: Tethered Shooting Camera Control

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I am writing this Feature Request in accordance with Victoria's guidelines posted here:
and comes from use of the Trial version of DSLR Remote Pro from
(hereafter referred to as DSLRRP) during a product photoshoot.

I'd like to see a LOT more Camera control in the Tethered shooting module,
along the lines of the DSLRRP software, which allows control of most of, if not all of,
your Canon or Nikon Cameras' setting from your Laptop, without touching the camera.
And includes some other nice bells 'n' whistles.

Below is a list of features I'd like to see integrated into Lightrooms' tethered shooting,
taken from the features for Canon cameras in DSLRRP, I assume for the Nikon version also.
So if it works there, I see no reason that Lightroom can't also integrate these features.
Also, this is a personal preference, feel free to discuss/add/subtract features.

Primary Features (in order of preference to be added):

Shutter speed, Aperture and ISO selectable from the Tethered shooting Module.
Live View - to include if possible, the ability to auto-focus (see next item).
Shutter Release half-pressed mode (to allow for auto-focus).
The on or off ability to overlay a "Rule of Thirds" grid on the Live View window.
Camera Battery Meter (displayed in Titlebar on DSLRRP software, saves surprises).
The ability, when Tethered, to save shots to Camera Only, PC Only or Camera & PC.

Secondary Features (features useful in other situations than product shooting):

Auto Bracketing (to be setup from a menu dialog, useful for HDR shooting):
Setup Dialog:
Selectable, number of shots.
Selectable, f-stops separating shots (in 1/3 stop increments).
Selectable, setting to modify when in Manual Shooting Mode - Shutter Speed or Aperture.

Time Lapse Mode (to be setup from a menu dialog):
Setup Dialog:
Start immediately OR user-selectable START time & date.
Number of Shots OR user-selectable END time & date.
User-selectable time between shots (hh:mm:ss for absolute control).

The ability to overlay the Cameras' internal Meter display on the Laptop Live View,
(I am adding this to secondary features, because it's an afterthought,
and I am unsure if it can be done).

Any of the functions setups would be accessed from a dropdown menu in the menu bar.

Access to the functions setups and the actual functions themselves,
would be accessed from Lightrooms floating tethered shooting control bar.


A better possibility, an option to, instead of using a floating bar, use a sliding panel.
I see this option replacing, ONLY WHEN TETHERED SHOOTING IS ACTIVE,
one of Lightrooms slider panels, which one being left to user choice.
Sliders, to clarify, being the slideout panels/bars on the sides of the Lightroom window.

Well for a start, if one was interested in the mentioned functions,
it would prevent one having to purchase and run a second program, during tethered shooting.

The Live View mode would help with picture composition,
instead of squinting at the Cameras' LCD, one could see more clearly on the Laptop.

I think the rest of the functions I listed, are pretty much self-explanatory.

Again, these are features I'd personally like to see added, as possible, to Lightroom.
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Posted 8 years ago

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I'm very interested. Thank you.
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To all those who have participated in this thread we would like to invite you to a special test area to review, test and advise Adobe on in-process improvements to the tethered-capture process in Lightroom Classic CC.  We now have testing available for Windows users with Canon Cameras. We plan to add other cameras to the mix in the future. 

If you are interested in participating in this Tether prerelease testing and are a Windows user with a Canon camera currently supported for tethering, please reply to this comment. You will be contacted by Adobe with further instructions. 

Thank you for your patience and enthusiasm for Lightroom Classic CC. 
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This is great. When will it be available for Mac users?
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The request went out on a different thread for Mac/Canon about 5 weeks ago. 
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Tether updates were released today for Canon users. We are working on Nikon for an upcoming release. Give it a spin and see if your tethered performance improves. 
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Please consider adding camera controls for Nikon while tethering in LR CC.   Thanks