Lightroom: Support Common Image Formats (EPS, GIF, PDF, BMP etc.)

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Feature request: Please add Lightroom support for common Adobe publishing and Web image formats, such as EPS, AI, PDF, GIF, and PNG.

Many of us use Lightroom to manage client images in NEF, JPG, PSD and other formats. But the clients' associated images, which are used on their Websites and in their logos and publications, are invisible to Lightroom. If Adobe Bridge can display these other image formats, why can't Lightroom?

Even if Lightroom did not provide direct editing support for these other image formats, it would still be extremely useful if Lightroom could catalog and display them.

It would also elevate Lightroom from being "just" a photo editor into the realm of being a true Digital Asset Manager (DAM). Now that Lightroom includes basic video support - isn't it time to support all the common image formats that our other CS applications use?

Please vote for, as well as reply to, this request if you would also like to see Lightroom support these additional common image formats...
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Posted 8 years ago

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With you on PNG, its such a standard format and so important for websites.

Read somewhere that it makes for a better import onto facebook than jpeg, as it forces Facebook to make a better job of compressing any photos.
I don't know what its like for Picassa / Google + or flickr, but .PNG is a format that is real and supported all over.
Plus one from me
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With today's software updates and new releases of the apps, you can now export your photos as PNGs in both Lightroom Classic and in Adobe Camera Raw (ACR):

"With this release, we have added a new file format for your export needs. You can now export images in the PNG file format. Importing PNG files have been supported in previous Lightroom versions."

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It is a small babystep (more like a crawl, really) in the right direction. But I think the broad topic here is about imports, not exports.

Exports are way easier. Anyone can export to any lossless format and use some batch process to turn them into PNG. Importing file formats is where LR needs to add support, because preprocessing them makes duplicate files to keep track of, and cannot ever work for animated files.