Lightroom Classic: Support cataloging PSB files (files larger than 2 GB PSDs and 4 GB TIFFs)

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Lightroom should catalog psb files, just as it does psd files. I have many psb files that are not over the 65,000 pixels per side or 512 megapixel limits, but are larger than the 4GB limit on psd files, and it would be nice to see them in Lightroom.
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Posted 9 years ago

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Official Response
Updates to Lightroom Classic, were released yesterday and contain initial support for PSB files.   Please install the appropriate update. You can read more about the updates here.

Note: Lightroom pixel-dimension maximums (65,000 Pixels long edge or 512 MP - whichever comes first) continue to be a limitation but the team is looking into expanding this range in a future enhancement for the PSB file support. 

Thank you for your patience.
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Brian Rodgers Jr

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I'm so happy to finally see PSB support in Lightroom Classic! PSBs are part of my daily workflow as a commercial photographer, and I have been waiting for this update for years. Thank you Adobe!
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Yes, thank you, Adobe. A very long time in coming. Such a badly needed feature. We look forward to larger dimension importability in the future. One suggestion: while I know Adobe, nor any company, wants to promise features and not deliver, it would have been considerate if 3-6 months ago, Adobe told us, hey, we're listening and we're currently developing this functionality, so stay tuned. The total silence during this lengthy request was very alienating and really was unneccessary for a company with customer-driven products like Adobe.
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Thank you, Adobe!  This is THE feature I needed most in LR... the ability to catalog all of my images.  I was losing faith, but you came thru.  Thanks a million! - Jim
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Well, it would be great if I actually COULD catalogue all images, sadly the size restrictions are still there... :(
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To clarify for others: LR restricts all images, of any format, to be no larger than 512 megapixels and no larger than 65,000 pixels on a side. The addition of PSBs to LR doesn't relax that restriction, but it does allow files larger than 2 GB (PSD) and 4 GB (TIFF).
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The size restrictions affect a minuscule percentage of photographs.  I suspect most  photographers photos will be well under the limits and they will happily welcome the addition even with the restrictions.
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What’s is the minuscule percentage and how was that percentage value produced? 
It’s odd Adobe can’t fully support their own file format as designed. I’m not going to suspect why that is; I don’t like suspecting. 
"I never guess/assume. It is a shocking habit -- destructive to the logical faculty." -Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
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I hit the limit with the first image I tried. Thanks for the explanation.
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Thank you adobe! This is brilliant. I just tried the update. So MUCH better! Thank you, thank you thank. I'd almost lost the faith . .. .
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This is not enough... try harder Adobe and give us NO restrictions. This is not professional !
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Thank you! Took a while, but hey as we say "Ende Gut alles Gut".

As for the 65'000 pixel limit I think this really only affects a very small hand full of people. This converts to 5.5 meters (18 feet) @300 dpi. Modern fine art printers can upscale images up to 4 times which would convert this to be 22 meters (72 feet). So technically you could work on a 22 x 22 meter image (printed) in Photoshop and Lightroom now. Besides that there's no printer that can print this in one go, that's plenty considering the viewing distance rule onto this print in real world conditions.

Off course there might be people that are, rightfully, exceeding this limitation in their work. But hey, that's why we're all called creatives.
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Yeah that viewing distance rule is because of shortcomings in res. My 96” wide prints are at 1200dpi and customers view them at 1-2 feet because they /can/. It’s not upscale - it’s massive telephoto stitches.
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I am extremely happy they released PSB support with size restrictions now instead of waiting to accommodate the larger sizes.  They can take their time to remove the restrictions if they choose but this present feature is useful NOW.
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They shouldn’t take their time. The new support is great, but for my work I still can’t use Lightroom to get all my images catalogued. Especially since starting to work with the IQ4150 and GFX100 I easily reach the size limit on nearly all of my panorama work.
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Yeah, there's always pixel peepers. In life as in photography I always suggest to them to relax and take a step back. I'll do the same here.

Off course I agree that with growing sensors and more and more niche techniques a tool should not limit us. Give Adobe 8 more years and they'll figure it out :)
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The viewing distance rule comes from shortcomings in our eyes not our equipment or images. Good eyes can resolve around 60 line pairs per degree. At 12 inches that works out at 572 ppi and at 24 inches 286 ppi.  If you have a printer and driver capable of 1200 ppi (not dpi which are the printer dots which make up those pixels) then go for it, but only the very young or the very close are going to see it.  :-)

That doesn't mean I don't support those folk who want Lightroom to handle bigger pixel sizes. It would be great if we could catalogue all images.

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Correct, large prints and close viewing under 12”. Printer is a commercial large format HP ink. (Bumblejax for example).