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Having just switched to LR from iMatch (from PC to Mac) I was shocked and horrified to find LR cannot even do elementary sorting on (extended) IPTC fields. My shoots are of things that are presented in a particular order which may be significant (or not). These shoots can run into hundreds and sometimes even more than a thousand images; they are also spread out over time. I encode my objects using location conventions that are readily understood by others working in the same field (art history) and in order to tag this data and interpret it properly I need to be able to look at it in order. I would have thought this is pretty elementary but I have just learned that LR can only sort on fields that are of no interest to me at all (and somewhat superfluous in that files can be given names based on date and time). Ideally I would be able to sort on:
LocationShown/Sublocation (for location code)
Additionally, it would be very useful to be able to combine such sorts with one or more (hierarchical) keywords. In my case those that identify the object by type, because the same location can have different types of objects.

Since all of this info is already part of the database I find it incomprehensible that it cannot be put to good use. PLEASE implement decent sorting routines soon!


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Posted 8 years ago

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My suggestion to you is to figure out another way to do this near-term (possibly a plugin) since anything they do isn't likely to be "soon" and since I am unable to find more than a passing request for sorting this way doing searches in this or the User to User forum going back to the beginning of Lightroom. Also, you might consider changing the type of this post to a feature request. Just trying to help.
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Maybe not for multiple fields simultaneously, but there are plenty of requests for sorting on more than the currently-limited number of fields. Sadly it's easy to slip into a numb acceptance of features that are so undercooked .
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I agree that this is more of a feature request idea so magically it will change.


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One person's feature request is another person's bug (-:
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Very true Luuk, however Adobe tend to split it this way: if a specific feature isn't working the way they intended, then it's a bug. If you want something other than the way it's currently designed, then it's a feature request. Just because they call it a feature request doesn't make it any less important though.
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Yup. Well said. Don't worry about the semantics. They're all things that need to be evaluated and/or addressed.
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You can accomplish true sorting via any criteria using a script named

'Order Photos In Collection'

written by me and free to download from here:

If your current fancy isn't implemented as a built-in preset, you'll have to:
* Implement it yourself by tweaking a lua script, or
* be able to describe clearly what you want so I can do it for you.

Note: there is a preset called 'Location' which demonstrates multi-field sorting.


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