Lightroom: Show position in histogram when moving mouse around on photo.

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Presently, the R, G, & B percent values are shown in the histogram when mousing around, so it seems like a small stretch to put tone on the histogram too - that way we don't have to go to the TAT tool in the tone curve to survey tone.
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Posted 8 years ago

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Moving the sliders does have the histogram move but having the TAT tool to confirm the choice of tone located in the image is the feature that would valued
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In addition to displaying the RGB values under the cursor as numeric values, please also plot them in the histogram.

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Since the new Develop sliders seem to be more specific to regions on the histogram, I'd like an info-indicator. It would work like this: When you hovered with your mouse over the image, it would show you where on the histogram you are, at what light value. Is this point (or 3X3 area) at...127, 159, 185, or 203? And therefore should I use the Exposure slider, or Shadows, or Blacks? To try to figure out which histogram-region a spot in the photo is in, I go to the Tone Curve and click the little adjustment-target there. It then shows me a point on the curve, and I can see roughly where on the histogram that point is. But I don't want to have to go to Tone Curve to see this.

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Hello, I have been waiting since version 3.0 for a simple feature that would be very helpful in taking the right light correction decisions.
Currently, when I am in Develop mode and I inspect a photo moving the mouse over, the histogram just shows the R/G/B percentage levels of the pixel under the mouse pointer:

I am wondering why the average value is not shown. Here is an example of the histogram could be modified, adding the (L)uminance percentage and a feedback on the histogram (I have drawn a vertical white line):

This would be helpful, for example, to work with the Zone Method, where you have to evaluate the exposure level of different picture "zones".

As a workaround, I currently have to switch the picture in Black/White and look at the R/G/B values (that show the average value).

What is your opinion?

ciao, Pietro

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