Lightroom: Display a warning when Lightroom decides to change the backup location.

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If the current backup location is off-line for some reason on exit, then Lightroom will "decide" to revert the backup location to be with the catalogue on the main drive - without explicitly warning the user.

If this goes unnoticed then going forward Lightroom will continue to use the main drive as the backup location even if the backup media later comes back on line.

Lightrooms decision to change the backup location needs to be much more explicit than just showing a new path in the backup dialog.

The logic obviously already exists to detect the users backup location is unreachable, a simple popup warning should be issued when Lightroom decides to revert back to the main drive.. Failing to do so may cause unobservant users to be exposed to not having a proper backup fit for purpose.

In my view this is serious enough to be called a bug and not a feature request.

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Posted 6 years ago

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Personally, I don't think this is much of a problem. I did it last week myself, and saw that LR was now using the default location - it is shown in the backup dialog. So I saved the next backup to my other location, and moved the previous one there from the default location. It doesn't lose a backup; it's still there, fully functional. It's our fault really for moving the location somewhere else and then disconnecting it!!

There are more important things for Adobe to worry about than telling us we've made a mistake.

Bob frost
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I couldn't agree more. And not just about this, but all the other things like it too.

- too many modern softwares follow this rule of thumb: never ask the user anything, nor tell him/her anything: just do the best you can and cross fingers (I'm exaggerating to make a point - Lr is not that bad). No, that type of programming does not suit this user, at all - no sirree... - nope. It's like tacking a -2 on the filename without asking, so it can be imported (from a recent thread) - not ok with me...

Consider an option the user must choose initially during installation (changeable after installation):

* I'm the kinda guy/gal who would prefer to know what's going on, and be involved in the decisions which affect me and my computer, or

* I'm the kinda guy/gal who would prefer not to know about stuff, and have decisions be made for me, whenever possible...

Then, that preference could be checked when appropriate...

Could be a multi-state preference, kinda-like the security-alert preference in anti-virus-like software:
- Warn me incessantly - I'm kinda paranoid.
- Warn me in moderation...
- Never warn me unless you're sure I've been infected...