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Collection synching / Lightroom Mobile is a great addition to Lightroom 5.4. Please extend this functionality to Smart Collections as well.
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Geoffrey Roth

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Posted 5 years ago

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Doug Witsken

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I agree completely with Geoffrey! Smart Collections are such a powerful tool to organize photos in LR, I have far more Smart Collections based on Keywords than regular manual collections. The inability for LR to sync Smart Collections is a disappointment and limits the value of LR Mobile for me. Please add this feature to a future release!
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Per Ankarås

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I agree, this is the feature searched when I started to use the mobile app, please it's close to Xmas
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Mark Reeves

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Totally agree... this would be a really useful update.
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Adobe hit a big foul ball on this one.  It's is like a telephone that doesn't let you dial the last digit - so close but without it, the whole thing is just plain useless.  Like Randy, I'm also paying for SmugMug to get a solution that should be Adobe > Adobe. 

C'mon guys, let's get this sorted out.
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Peter Heath

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Not having Smart Collections in LR CC is a huge step backwards. How on Earth did Adobe decide this functionality was not worthy of inclusion from day one of CC? Please ge this fixed as a priority!
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Fran Velasco

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Smart collections are far more useful than regular ones. I agree this should have been on Lr CC from day one.
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Smart collections AND folders
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Tom Hogarty, Lightroom Product Manager

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Thanks everyone. This would absolutely be a good addition to Lightroom mobile. There are some complexities because of the dynamic nature of smart collections. If a smart collection includes pick flag as a criteria and you unflag an image on the ipad, would you want to be able to undo that choice and bring the image back to Lr mobile without returning to the desktop? If so, for how long?

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If the image is in the collection by virtue of a flag then if the flag is removed the image no longer fits the criteria so thus, it must be removed. Seems simple to me. Doesn't CC remove an image from a smart collection if the image no longer fits the criteria? Am I missing something here?
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Hey Tom ,

Will this feature ever be added?
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Edgar Sanchez

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Doubt it
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Peter Wells

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Strongly believe that this functionality is critical and should have been part of first release.
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Josh Owen

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C'mon Tom let's get this added!
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Doug Witsken

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Tom, thank you for replying on this so quickly. When I realized smart collections were not included in this release of LR mobile, I assumed the reason must be due to the dynamic nature of the smart collection and the selection criteria used. In my opinion, for those of us that use smart collections, we know what selection criteria we used to create the collection. If we change the "flag" or other item which caused an image to appear in a smart collection in desktop LR, it immediately disappears from our smart collection which relied on a specific criteria. In LR mobile, I don't think it should be any different. If we change a pick flag in LR mobile and that was the criteria that we used as part of our smart collection, it should disappear from the collection in LR mobile near immediately just like it does on desktop LR. If we realize this as a mistake, we can always go back to LR desktop to re-pick an image if need be.
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SJ Fotography

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Another option would be to give an update option for smart collection in mobile. Which means even though we change some parameters those affect the smart collection condition they won't change automatically until the user exclusively click update. This can cover situations where user changed any of such property by mistake.

It would be good to keep such option than immediately updating coz users might mainly use the mobile app when they are away from the desktop.
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Geoffrey Roth

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Hi Tom,

Thanks for your reply. I'm basically with Doug on this. Changing a pick flag on a smart collection image and causing it to disappear from LR Mobile is not substantively different from deleting an image from a static collection. The net result is one less image in a collection with no way to add it back on Mobile.

A potential solution to this issue is to simply include a mobile-only folder or collection of the n most recently removed images. This folder would allow users to view and re-add any images that were deleted /removed by mistake.
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Jan Thomassen

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I agree with what has been said in favor of smart collection syncing. I would also add the suggestion to have the ability to undo changes. So, if a photo disappears from the collection due to a pick flag being changed, one could "undo last change" and the photo would reappear.
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Jeff Fitzsimmons

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I agree with Doug. I use pick flags and star ratings in almost all of my smart collections (and I only use smart collections).

I don't really agree with jovapo's comment "Why not just have a pop-up warning when the user tries to do something that would remove the photo from the collection? " because the point of me using pick flags and star ratings is to determine whether the image should be in this collection or graduate to another based on my selection. A 'confirm?' waring every time would be MUCH more annoying than the 1 in 100 times that I change a pick flag and want to get it back.

I think a single level of undo would solve this. I have never accidentally eliminated an image from a smart collection and then wanted it back 10 minutes later. For me, It is always an immediate "oops!" Undo solves that.
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Rob Cole

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I just added a feature to my Collection Agent plugin which maintains regular collections alongside smart collections which have the same contents but aren't smart. You should be able to Lr-mobile-sync those instead..

Let me know if it helps, or doesn't.. - free:

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I was able to set it up with Rob's help & it works like a charm.
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Daniel Hui

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Hi Rob - sadly it looks like your site is down? Somehow the plugin got wiped out when I upgraded to LR 6, which aggravatingly, still does not have syncing of smart collections (maybe we have to wait until LR 14), but will "keep you in business"...
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barney harford

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I use publish to a set of folders on Hard Drive and then sync those with my iphone. Not as dynamic but works just as well for smart folders as for dumb folders
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Kate Havercroft

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link doesn't work :(
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Joshua Smith

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Link's dead.

This is a good reason why adobe should implement this rather than leave it up to the community to find work arounds.

Love you Adobe!
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Lightroom CC 2015 still not be implemented for this must-have feature.
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Adobe recommand to have one catalog and use smart collections BUT you can only sync manually handled collections from only one catalog.
Lightroom mobile still completely useless from my point of view without this feature... C'mon guys, hurry a little bit for that feature, 2 years from the first request...
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Steven van Groningen

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Bit late to the party but must say I am disappointed to find out, after finally going for LR CC, that the mobile sync is just marketing hype. I could't get my collections to sync and after losing an hour over it I found out the well hidden fact that smart collections cannot be synced. Because this was not clear from all the "tutorials" and I only have smart collections I lost a lot of time on this. Not amused.
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Michael Morris

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It's astounding that two years later, LR Mobile still can't use smart collections. I use smart collections for all my professional work, so leaving smart collections out makes Lightroom Mobile worthless to me. The value added by LR Mobile is less than the value of the additional work it would take to create and update redundant, non-smart collections.