Lightroom SDK: Send keystrokes to Lightroom

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As it stands, plugins can manipulate Lr by sending keystrokes (e.g. via auto-hotkey in Windows, or apple-scripting on Mac), but it is not 100% reliable (some systems won't allow it, and it depends on maintaining focus...).

It would be great for plugins (and easy to implement for Adobe) if SDK had direct support for plugins to issue keystrokes for manipulating Lr.

What would be really great is being able to target:
* Main Lr UI
* Lr or plugin dialog box.

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Rob Cole

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Posted 6 years ago

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Stefan Keller

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yes please! paddy works fine, but always has Problems when LR changes...
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This would enable a very hack way of grouping images in to stacks by 3 or 5. A plugin could pop up a window say how many in a group and how many groups, and then stack them. Sad I have to resort to imagining this sort of thing rather than getting the lightroom team to either fix auto stack or add a "stack by n" command or let plugins maniuplate stacks
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Rob Cole

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Plugins which use "ad-hoc" means for manipulating Lr are becoming more and more problematic as OS's like Mavericks and Windows 8 tighten up their security protocols, and anti-virus/trojan/spy-ware software becomes increasingly suspicious of the apps/scripts needed to do the job.

This would be an awesome way to open up plugin possibilities with only a little effort - i.e. much bang for only a little buck.

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Yes, please implement this. It should be simple to do and would help us avoid hacking the interface.