Lightroom: Quick import | support drag&drop to import images quicker

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How about some quicker import? What if it was possible to sometimes shortcut out the full-blown import dialog by letting users "Quick Import" images by dragging pictures right from the systems file manager into Lightrooms filmstrip or gridview. (LR would import the dropped pictures right into the folder in which the actual filmstrip belongs to or could fire up a "preselected" import dialog pointing on dropped files when dropping into SmartCollection or if set to always fire up the "preselected" import dialog)

If you have this creative incident and quickly want to edit or try something out on one or two pictures it is often waay to big effort to open blown out import dialog and search the files you have open in a filemanager right next to the LR window - why not (for the impatient among us) shortcutting this with "default import behaviour" enabled drag&drop from systems filemanager? This would also be more intuitive, especially for many new users often seeing a hurdle in learning LRs import workflow to get started.

Please people, make this idea spread as it probably would reeealy bump productivity and feed at least my impatience on clicking through the whole nasty import-process.
Who thinks the same?


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Posted 7 years ago

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Lee Jay

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Drag and drop already opens import. If you have the settings you want, you only have one more button to press ("Import").


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Wow, you're right.This one goes on me. But you have to drop it into the grid view. Could be improved by allowing pictures to be dropped into Filmstrips and directly into collections in the left pane.

Thanks for your great advice though. This really improves my workflow!

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File Listener is another option for instant-importing of images.

It's a free plugin I wrote.